India Shining by Alcatraz Dey

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GENRE: Thriller, Mystery

About this Book:

Shantanu has always let down everyone in his life. He does not think so. For Nishi who had to suffer every single day after Shantanu suddenly left her, he is now the person she hates the most.
Unknown to them Nishi’s father has left behind a huge secret with her. A trident tattoo on her hand and much more that he never revealed. After years of separation and hatred Nishi is forced to work with Shantanu. Shantanu also has a secret of his own.

Powerful men are receiving strange messages from a man called Solomon. He believes there is something very valuable that a geologist has discovered and never revealed to the world. What does the trident mean? Why did Nishi’s father disappear with the secret? What is that Solomon wants?

Most importantly what is India Shining?

My Review:

India shining is a fast-paced thriller with plot twists upon plot twists. The writing keeps you hooked till the end and the characters are as real as you and me, just more intense but that’s because the story demands it. Let’s just break it down:
Characters: My favorite character in the book was John. Now don’t be surprised because he is shown as an unlikeable character but screw it, I’m weird. He’s my favorite. With every role he played, he seemed like the most well-written and real character, from the beginning to the end. And while Shantanu was also strong, and well-developed character, I couldn’t find myself caring the same about him like I did for John ( and he’s a side character). Nishi, now I really liked her. She was a strong female character and Indian literature needs more of those. Her struggles and betrayal made her stronger. But sometimes, I just wished, I’d get to see her kick Shantanu’s ass. Just once. But their catchphrases, the repetitive use made me cringe. It was for emphasis but felt like it was being overused in the first half of the book. Yet, John’s catchphrase made me smirk.
Writing: The writing flows with ease. the dialogues are well done. The author has definitely done his research but did not info dump us but presented it all in an organized way. Though, there was one point where the dialogues screwed up and confused me.
Plot: Now this is the thing that makes or breaks a book. This book’s plot was well thought-out. The twists and turns at appropriate times led to the shock and awe that author demanded of his readers. Reading this book felt like I was watching a Jason Bourne movie. And I really like those movies. Secret organizations, a courageous main character, bit of drama, the country on the stake, same old fun thriller story. But the concept.. and how it was presented. That made all the difference. the mystery was maintained till the end and it was in no way predictable. It did get a bit unrealistic towards the end but creative freedom. it’s a thriller after all.
(p.s- A note for the editor: Pay attention to the punctuation. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t enjoy the book but it irked me.)


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