An off-beat interview with Nikhil Ramteke

Nikhil Ramteke is the author of The 365 days. You can buy his book on Amazon. After reading such an unusual contemporary book, i was curious about the person who wrote and when I got the chance to interview him because of World’s D.N.A, I was happy.


Ques 1: I read your book 365 days and I could see that you talked about labour exploitation in the Arab in detail. Did you see such exploitation firsthand or were you really thorough in your research?

The 365 Days is a well-researched book. I have not left any stone unturned while mentioning the facts. You can even call me a half journalist (*chuckles). Since 2007 things have quite changed in Dubai. UAE government have taken strict non-complying measures to improve the labour expatriates conditions.  I have also mentioned in my book that it’s not the Arabs who exploit. On the contrary they provide employment to us. Many people and families in India and other neighboring countries are prospering due to the remittances from Gulf. It’s the agents of the East Asian countries –the pimps (real culprits) who take the advantage of people desperately seeking jobs.

Ques 2: How has your publishing experience been?

It was a patience testing experience. Traditional publishing, that too with leading publishing houses is a time consuming process. Plus there is no guarantee even if you wait. I was rejected almost by everyone. (*sighs) Some informed me in writing and others by silence till I finally found one emerging publication called Write India Publications.

Ques 3. Since being an author is all about connecting with the readers, tell us something about yourself. (Hobbies and interests besides writing.)

I like to watch movies. You can say I am movie buff. I watch movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Korean and Japanese beside Hindi & English.  I also love to explore new countries. Till now only half dozen I have visited. I wish if I could cover the whole world before I die.

(Okay I can only be formal for that many questions. Now to the deep stuff. Since I stalked you a little to be prepared for this interview and only came up with a few stuff, don’t be surprised with the questions.)

Ques 4 What is your favourite Jagjit Singh ghazal and also name the last song you heard?

I hear him almost every day in my car while returning to home from office. It helps me to calm down. I like most of his ghazals from albums like Arth, Saher, Forget Me Not, Soz, & Marasim. The last song I heard of him was from the album Tum Toh Nahi Ho.

Ques 5: Are you an avid reader? What is your favourite genre to read and name a few favorite authors? 

I read selected books which are rich in literature. I choose the book based on its content not popularity or Amazon ranking. I generally like to read fiction & satire. I strictly avoid romance & mythology. I like the work of Ruskin Bond, R.K Narayan, Pu.La.Deshpande, Shivaji Sawant.

Ques 6: Do you have a particular routine for writing? Like an hour a day, a chapter a day, or do you just go by the flow?

Nothing like that in particular. Whatever time I get apart from office & family I devote it to writing,

Ques 7: Teleport or time-travel?  If you pick time-travel, which era would you like to travel to?

I would like to go for time-travel. I am a lost and found kid. I would like to go to that place where I was lost and found after 3 days when I was 2 years old.

Ques 8: Are you annoyed by these idiotic questions yet? What are your thoughts on existentialism?

I think that each individual excluding society or religion is solely responsible & have right for giving meaning to life and living it passionately and sincerely.

Ques 9: Are you religious? What religion do you follow? And do you think it has shaped your nature or helped you somehow in life?

I am Hindu. Religion has not helped me or shaped my life. I am not an atheist but have certain beliefs and principles which I don’t bend for anyone.

Ques 10. Who is the closest person to you in life and if there was a choice between saving them and 100 innocent kids, who would you choose?

My mother is very closest to me. I hate myself for not being with her. As far as my morality is concerned I will choose the case where I am 100% sure of success. I will not try to show fake ethics & sacrifice both.

Ques 11. Ending it with a very important question. Think deep about this one. Dogs or Cats?

Neither of them

And that’s how it ends. 😀


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