My first EVER author interview with Bharat Madan

Less of an interview and more like I bombarded him with peculiar questions (he called them intriguing) till I was satisfied. Since none of my questions include formal details about him, I’ll let you know beforehand who Bharat Madan is.


He is the author of Jim Morgan and the seven sins (a book I liked. You can read the review here. ) He is from Jaipur, is a speaker and personality developer along with being an author. So now that you know the basics let’s delve in:

Are you superstitious? Do you believe in the supernatural? That some elements of life are connected and that future can be foretold by prior unrelated events? From the black cat bringing bad luck to the constellations telling ur future, do you believe it all?

I studied vedic astrology to a reasonable extent and it fascinates me. I used to believe in ghosts. Later, as I studied, I learnt that our mind makes us see things. Moon represents the mind in astrology. And when a shadowy planet Rahu afflicts it, a person sees things that are not there. In this case, a ghost. So there are things we don’t understand but it does not mean they don’t exist. Every life is connected to another. I believe that black cat is good luck. It might sound strange. But if you believe in God, think about this. You are going somewhere and you almost tripped over something. God wants you to take a pause and then continue the journey. You see an accident happen right in front of your eyes. If you hadn’t tripped, perhaps that accident would have happened with you I believe it all. There’s a reason behind everything. We just have to be open-minded.

Would you ever consider writing something dark and gory with repulsive scenes?

I can’t say about that. I write purely based on instincts. I am a spontaneous writer. I let my mind do the talking and my fingers do the typing. When I finished the book, I had to re-read it twice to digest that I wrote the ending.

That helps me pose my next question. Are you an organised writer or go with the flow kind? Like do you plan the plot beforehand or just write whatever comes to your mind at the time? Do you write systematically? One chapter after another or whatever scene or chapter u feel like writing and then organise it in the end?

I go with the flow. Like water moves wherever the cuts take it. I write whatever comes to my mind. If I may recollect your review of my book, you mentioned about the plot and sub-plots. I had a complete idea of the plot but sub-plots came instinctively. I write whatever comes to my mind. And when all things are right before my eyes, I organised them in the end.

Since there’s an element of time travel in seven Sins. Can we expect another sci-fi element in your next book?

There will be Fantasy for sure. I want to make every book of Jim Morgan series unique. So you may expect surprises.

Is there something that helps you write? Like music or coffee or an empty room? Every author has certain quirks they need to fulfill in order write. What is it with you?

I write everywhere. In my bedroom, dining room, veranda. Anywhere, anytime. Except the bathroom of-course. 

But bathroom is where one get the best ideas? Isn’t that true? (Guess I’m the only one)

Hahaha.. I never got good ideas there. My focus inside there is to do my work so that I perform my daily home temple rituals fast.

Share the creepiest dream you have had. Or the first one you remember.

I had a creepy one which I remember. The first time Jim time traveled, I found myself in his place in that spooky dream. Woke up in an instant. And I told myself, no more dark writing. 😂

If you could trade your life with one person living or dead, who would you be?

Jim Morgan. He has a beautiful wife 😍 (At which point I argued that it cannot be a fictional character) I will never trade my life with anyone. I lost my father when I was small, I have seen lots of downs and I don’t want anyone to go through that. So I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I went through.

Then started a series of rapid fire questions.

Bharat: Will try to stop bullets like NEO.

If you could shapeshift into an animal what would you become?

Dog. I love them… They are better than human beings. 

Time travel or teleport?

Time travel without a second thought. I could tell my father how much I loved him.

Which era would you want to travel to and who would you like to meet if you couldn’t go back to your own time line? Paradoxes you know😂

I would go back to my grandfather’s time. He was a mayor of a city during British era in early 1900s. I would tell him to tell my father to buy huge land for me.

Rainbows or starry nights?

Starry nights.. They tell me that I am not alone.

Has there been an incident in your life where your head started spinning and hands started shaking?

No. I do not drink or smoke. (Me: That stuff happens when you get anxiety too 😛 Bharat: Oh! When I become anxious I love to eat ice-creams and junk food. Helps!

Now to end this interview and to top all the questions, I will ask something very deep and personal. Hope you are ready for it sir. What is your favorite colour? 😂

Here he said he didn’t have one so I had to pose my question a little differently because I don’t give up.

Well if you could pick a colour and the whole world would be coloured in that. The others would stop existing. Which would it be?

White. It is a bit transparent. You see the inside of a person through it (By this I mean, if people were white, the world would be a better place) 

I am pretty sure he did not mean to sound racist.

And then we ended up conversing about my terrific interviewing skills and praising which is a great platform. Thank you all for sticking around.


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