Head Spinningly Annoying -Intimidating Obscurity

readingabook-alignthoughtsIntimidating Obscurity: A Pursue to Eternity


Genre: Romantic thriller

Ratings:1/5 stars

Published December 9th 2016 by Partridge India

About this Book:

‘Intimidating Obscurity a Pursue to Eternity’, revolves around an independent woman, Stella Stewart, who hardly steps into her college life when she is informed of her mother’s mysterious death.

After a few days two more deaths of similar patterns take place, unfortunately she loses all her dear ones one by one. All her moaning vanishes in a glimpse when Rey enters her life and she falls for him.

Her life takes a big twist when she dejects him due to a mysterious phone call. After a few days she gets married to Robert Patrick who swears to make her life worse than hell along with the company of Kimaya, who loved Rey too and joins him to separate Rey and Stella. Heartbroken Rey marries Kimaya. After a year Stella is found dead.

Rey almost forgets his past love when he discovers Stella’s diary one day and which opens her entire story before him. Will Rey succeed in rescuing Stella from Robert before it’s too late?


Because my head started spinning after I read this. And I am not even talking about the hundreds of grammar mistakes I found in this 110 page novella. Okay I am talking about that too because I felt like a teacher checking an exam paper with a pencil in my hand, correcting stuff and getting annoyed as hell.
(A) This book needs a serious brutal editor. (That can be blamed on the publishers)
Now It might be the most difficult thing I do, but I CAN overlook past those errors, if only the book gave me something to look forward to.
(B) The writing style feels like the author deliberately tried to make the book elegant by using a thesaurus but failed miserably. Because sometimes simple writing is needed. Just using big words does NOT make it good writing.
Reading this book felt like reading Joey’s letter all over again. From “They are warm people with big hearts” to “They are humid homo sapiens with humongous aortic pumps.” See the difference. It is comical when the author uses such words in a serious scene. And THAT TOO WITH THE WRONG SPELLING.
(C) The characters just got on my nerves. The dialogues, their nature, everything was so unrealistic that it became annoying to even read their names. (And the author did mess up with the names as well).
(D) Messed up point of views and tenses. From first person POV to third person with no differentiation. From past to present. It was all a big jumble. A big mess.
(E) Okay so the story is the only thing that even kept me reading. the murders had me curious and even with everything, I just hoped that it would have a solid plotline which would blow my mind and all this wouldn’t have been for nothing. I was sorely disappointed. yes, the story was intriguing but nothing extraordinary. Moreover, the author had to go and ruin it in the end.
NO. A major plot twist is not ALWAYS needed in the end. Sometimes it ruins the story and that is what happened.
(F) I can’t even give it stars for a good title or cover. Even my Accountancy book looks more attractive than this book cover. Also, what was the point of complicating the name. It is something I won’t even remember and even though the author explained the reason behind it, I felt like it had no connection with the book whatsoever.
Overall verdict: What could have been a simple and entertaining read was ruined by overcomplicating things.


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