2 Peg Ke Baad by Nikita Lalwani

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Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Genre: Anthology, Compilation of short stories

About this Book:

2 Peg Ke Baad brings together 14 short stories that happened after 2 pegs, in an inebriated state. World’s greatest stories are created when people are high – masterpieces are painted, universal truths are realised, models on billboards are befriended, lovers are united, butts are kicked, confessions are made, and relationships are sorted.

The book started as a blog with people from across the world sharing their stories, ideas, confessions and beliefs, and the elixir of the 14 best stories is here to reveal what lies beyond a conscious mind.

Though the book does not intend to encourage drinking alcohol in any sense, here’s to celebrate every emotion that kicks after a few pegs. Cheers!!


2 Peg ke Baad is an appropriate title for this anthology that tells 14 different tales, all of which took place after the characters drank two shots (sometimes more but you get the jist). it is all about drunken stories, some of which will make you think deep, others will make you laugh. there are also some gory as well as heart touching stories.

Let’s discuss each of them:
The first story A Walk with a call girl failed to make that impact on me like a first story should, to make you hooked in with the book. But since these were all short stories, I continued ahead to the next one anyway.
My last painting turned out to be little confusing for me and it was more gory than heart-touching. I cannot understand what the author’s intention was with this story but I just didn’t get the point.
The Next story of Banaras, now that was both deep and entertaining read for me but that is the vibe of Banaras. High on weed, with the holy Ganga and death all around.
How we got married. Now that is one contemporary story of romance which ends on a hilarious note.
Apology! Sex Pays. Another fun story that would have been horrific if one had experienced it themselves.
Papier Blanc: Now this was my favorite story in the whole book for reasons which are evident as you read. Also that Ernest Hemingway quote is just a cherry on top.
When all that mattered was a gun shows how extreme things can get when you are drunk. it was a tale of caution.
Drive in sanity was another comical tale of drunkenness which could have turned into a big accident but gladly didn’t.
Kicking the butt tells a horrific tale and what courage it takes to stand up to a molester (2 pegs help ). It shows the vivious morality of our society that cannot protect its children from the claws of such monsters.
Rosita in a bar is not only a tale of loyalty but also of how people mislead and take advantage of vulnerability.
It’s not a love story is a tale about accepting your fate and moving on.
Epilogue: An inspiring read about Transgenders and also about finding happiness. This was another one of my top favorites from this book.
Euphobia is a tale that borders on horror, mystery but with a comical twist.
Car No 88. Now this apt as a last tale as it tells you to drink, but with caution. Because the things that happen when you are drunk don’t always end on a happy note.
What all these tales have in common is not only liquor but also that they are all entertaining to read about. there maybe one or two tales that i didn’t like but over all it turned out to be a good book.


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