Her Last Wish By Ajay K Pandey

The book is provided by Arudha Club in exchang for a genuine review.

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Rating: 3/5 stars

Genre: contemporary, Romance

About this book:

His father’s over expectations only ruined his self-confidence further with each failure. A ray of hope walked into his life as his wife, a charismatic personality spreading joy wherever she went. Everything is going per plan, but darkness comes knocking soon. He finds out that she does not have much time to live and takes it upon himself to fight all odds – even his family, if need be – to help her fight her medical condition. His father sees his own redemption in helping them, he knows his son will be a winner only if he will fight for her, with her. Will a defeated son prove himself to be a good husband? Will the father-son duo together be able to change the course of fate? Her Last Wish is an inspiring story of love, relationships and sacrifice, which proves once again how a good wife makes the best husband


I would like to clarify in the beginning that I DID NOT hate the book. In fact, it was written in an emotional way. The writing was good, the characters seemed realistic and the plot was also fine.
Firstly, the book is about a loser man ( that’s how I read it) because the main character has zero self-confidence and believes himself to be the most pathetic human on earth who has never done a single good thing in his life and is a constant disappointment to his family. So her wife starts dying, and he finally does something good by fulfilling her wishes.
What I liked about the book:
1. I breathe in emotions. If a book can make me feel, then it automatically becomes a good book in my opinion and this book did that. There were things that I did not like but also scenes that made me smile, or well up.
2. Aastha’s character might have its faults but she was by far the most realistic and likeable character that I found.
3. The parts of the story told from Vijay’s parent’s POV.
What I didn’t like:
1. The biggest hurdle I encountered that made me stop from enjoying this story is my mentality. Because (a) I hate liars and (b) I’m a feminist. What kind of husband doesn’t tell her wife she’s dying? You can give me a million reasons about how it was all for her own good and it was so she could spend her last days happily without worrying but you know what. you are stealing her chance of accepting her fate and saying goodbye WHICH IS IMPORTANT. No one gets to manipulate someone’s life or control it and lies in such situation especially Vijay seeing that he loves her so much. I just think he was a selfish little bastard. yeah yeah so he tried to fulfil her wishes, but did you ask her? he was just doing it for his own peace of mind.
2. (view spoiler)
3. The constant whining. Vijay would just never shut up about his disappointment of a life and it got on my nerves, especially since he is portrayed to be the good guy, the hero of the story.
4. The dialogues turned so unrealistic at times that it made me cringe. The sudden shift from normal good writing to pretentious dramatic dialogues made it seem unnatural. I understand the importance of having special quotes and paragraphs but the trick is to keep it natural in flow.
Overall, it was a mediocre one time read for me. I recommend it people who have lost someone to cancer or someone just looking for a sad/ heartbreaking yet inspiring book.


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