I want to kill myself (after reading this)

readingabook-alignthoughtsThe Twirled November by Krishna K Verma

Goodreads : Link

Genre: Romance

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Rating: 1 star

About this book:

Krish got attracted to ‘Avantika’ from the first day he saw her. They were very happy in their life. Suddenly the girl that Krish wanted to accompany him on his journey back home reappears as Avantika’s cousin ‘Kanak’. He started getting attracted to her. Avantika got to know about them and now she has to choose between her own happiness and the Kanak’s. The fate was questioning their relationship. Harry and Smriti tried their hell out to make them understand but all in vain. Is it their Love? Or it was just an attraction? Or it’s obsession?… The answer lies within them..

This review should be titled: “My descent into madness.”
Because I wanted to kill myself after reading this. Because of reasons, I am just about to point out.
(a) So many typing errors, I could barely understand a sentence.
No not even grammatical errors but actual messed up shit that gave me a headache just looking at it.


But I kept reading because that is the publisher’s fault and I could not blame the writer for it. But
(B) weak characters. I was done with half of the book with a massive headache and a wish to bludgeon my own head or literally tear the book apart (which I wouldn’t even think about with any other book). I found Krish to be nothing but a whiner who liked to talk a lot. Let’s not even discuss Avantika and what a weird (not in a good way) character I found her to be. And Harry, we hardly see him.
(c) the writing style. I know it is a romance book. NO NEED TO WRITE ‘LOVE’ after every sentence. It is MADDENING and gets so damn annoying.


And there’s a difference between a sensual erotic scene and vulgarity. The relationship between Krish and Avantika bordered more on the latter side. Moreover, making out and love-making is different. So unless you are going to write CORRECTLY. Do not write.
(d) The book has 154 pages. I abandoned it after 84. That is more than half the book that I endured. And if you ask me what the story was, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Because, no visible plot. Maybe it was about to come but I would expect SOMETHING in those 84 pages.
So that was it, I abandoned the book. When I first got it, I was so excited! A signed book with a beautiful cover. Well, it smelled weird. Should have taken it as a sign that it won’t turn out good.

The only reason the book is getting 1 star and not zero is because of the cover.


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3 thoughts on “I want to kill myself (after reading this)

  1. Christopher Peter says:

    So you didn’t like it then …? 🙂

    I’m sure your judgement is sound (I’m not motivated to read it myself!). The funny thing is that the Amazon reviews are mainly positive – but then we all know they can be less than reliable in some cases. I wonder if part of the problem is a bad English translation (assuming the original edition was foreign language)?

    Liked by 1 person

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