There’s Art in Apart

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I promised myself I’d stop overthinking. Because when I do that, usually there’s one thought or one feeling that ends up lingering at the edge of my mind. Isn’t that a sign of depression? Thinking of one thing over and over again like a vicious cycle. Well, I couldn’t help it. I was sitting around daydreaming as usual when this thought hit me.

There’s Art in Apart.

Isn’t that why we’re all so appealed by Tragedies? Take any good piece of literature, a famous artist or the million songs about Heartbreak. Let it be a separation of bodies, or mind, total isolation or falling apart, it’s the sadness that tempts us. It is the pain that we find exquisite. Maybe that’s just me. The cause behind all insecurities, all self-depreciating thoughts, a simple reason. The Aesthetic in me finds Tragedy beautiful. There’s something lacking in smiles, it would never make me feel as extremely as a tear would. You feel joy only in your heart, but sorrow resonates throughout the whole body.

Isn’t that what Nostalgia is for? Yearning for something long lost. There’s nothing to achieve there and yet we reminisce.

Would Van Gogh be so loved without his insanity, his catastrophic life? He channelled his pain into beauty while his mind was falling apart. From Romeo and Juliet to Wuthering Heights, tell me a story that you love and I’ll show you the heartbreak. The things that touch our heart the most are those that show us the chaos, the longing.

Behind everything exquisite, there existed something beautiful.

                                                                                -Oscar Wilde


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