The Icelandic Voyage by Amit Gupta


  • Hardcover, 172 pages
  • Publisher: Invincible Publishers;

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Ratings: 4/5 stars

Genre: Travel writing 

About this book:

Travel books strive on cliches. And mostly it is a single man on a ‘journey of self-discovery’, phew. Well, not this one. The author along with his family decides to take a trip to the outlandish Iceland. It was a huge task first of all to convince his family to side-line a trip to the sandy beaches of Italy or France and linger upon the idea of a country which has active volcanoes. After a delayed nod, they set on a road trip to discover the most unusual tourist destinations in the world. So, what sets Iceland apart, the black beaches, or a crashed plane turned into a tourist spot, or the city where the population of people can be counted on your fingers? Or the non-existence of mosquitoes & McDonalds. They don’t coincide but you cannot find one in Iceland. Read their journey about how the author faces his family’s indolent behaviour and how he deals with it throughout the whole trip. And also, take a glimpse of a rendition of ‘Gerua‘, Gupta family style.


I have a newfound urge to visit Iceland now. The thing with most travel books is that they show you how certain places change their lives and it is all deep and profound. (So deep that you end up snoring) Well, not this book. This book is fun and beautiful. It is a simple story of the author visiting Iceland with his family, the places they saw, the songs they reenacted ad the conversations between them which are borderline hilarious at times. It is also informative because of the details and Dos and Don’ts that are mentioned in it. There are incredible pictures of places to see which will fill you with wanderlust. My personal favourite is the diamond beach and one fall whose name is unpronounceable. The hard cover and glossy pages are just the added bonus. This will make a nice addition to my collection but before shelving it, I’ll lend it to one of my friends who wants to visit Iceland. When she first told me, I said to her, “Sure, go. I’ll wave at you from afar.” But now I’m thinking I might just join her. Because Iceland is such a beautiful place and I was awestruck just reading about it and looking at the pictures. Imagine actually being there. Just breathing in that air and looking at the picturesque view. Those are things to live for.


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