Agniputr- When Agni first spoke by Vadhan


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My ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

Paperback, 354 pages
Published September 1st 2016 by Bloomsbury India.

About this Book:
Many years ago, an extraordinary cripple disappeared from a remote village, ending a time of terror. Not many knew that he gave his life to confine a malevolence, the Sutram, to its subterranean womb or that in doing so, he had prevented the apocalypse.
Deep beneath the Earth the evil has lurked, fraying its shackles and plotting its escape, all the while gathering immeasurable power. Until now.
When ace lawyer, Raghuram Surya, received an order of requisition from the Government of India for his ancestral castle, he was unaware of the Sutram beneath it or his own legacy.
He will have to choose between the world’s end or his own.
Before long, the lawyer takes on India’s most powerful politician, Kiromal, a man utterly obsessed with power. Kiromal and his sinister Tantric advisor intend to use the evil beneath the castle to play God.
Raghuram finds an ally in Sheila, a scientist who is tasked to investigate the Sutram. Using Quantum science to interpret a Vedic verse, they have to unravel the secrets of creation to stop the destruction. Through it all, they have to be one step ahead of Kiromal just to stay alive.
Now is the time of final reckoning. Will Kiromal harness the evil to rule the world?
Or will the Sutram break free to eradicate the planet?
Or, are Raghuram and Sheila merely pawns in an even deadlier game?

My Review:

This was an incredible book and I don’t know which genre to classify it in. Was it Fantasy, sci-fi, mythology, political thriller? A blend of everything, I suppose. The summary gives you a clear cut idea of what to expect from this book. A powerful entity has been growing underneath the earth, something so powerful that it can destroy the earth.
I was amazed by the way author uses Quantum Physics as well as mythology to explain the situations. It could’ve been more clearer though. And what tops the plot are the variety of characters. For some, it’s all about power, for some it’s about revenge. Raghuram and Sheila, our main protagonist had such interesting chemistry and were strong characters on their own. This one is a real-page turner. As soon as you start, you’d want to reach the end, for all the mysteries to be unveiled finally.
And THE ENDING! Wow, now that is how you end a book.

P.S-Beautiful Cover. This will make a good addition to my shelf.


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