Cortii series by J C Steel

tumblr_n6hno2qIxr1sfxmouo1_500Through the Hostage (Cortii #1)Fighting Shadows (Cortii #2)Elemental Affinity (Cortii #3)

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Genre: Sci-fi

I received the copies of the books in exchange for an honest review.

About Through the Hostage (Book#1)

Khyria Ilan is a commander in the Cortii, the most elite mercenary organisation in known space. With a past she can’t remember, and commanders who would love to see her dead, her future is likely to be short: her command faces their ultimate test to prove their right to survive.
When the odds are impossible, sometimes the only thing to do is play the game …

My Review:

This book was a little too much to grasp and in the end it had me wondering if it balanced out with the plot. The whole new alien world with mercenaries, I found the ranks a bit confusing. But apart from that it was a great book. Khyria was a fearless leader, (she had to be with people trying to kill her all the time), and Taiva was a pretty good second in command. The abilities, politics, tests and trials it was all enthralling. And I flew through the book like a breeze.

About Fighting Shadows (Book#2)

The Cortii are mercenaries, for hire to anyone who can afford their services. From their beginnings in humanoid pre-history, they have grown and colonised to span every galaxy. Every government uses them; no single government can destroy them.
To the Councils that rule the Cortii, eleven lives are easily replaced.
For the newest unit in their ranks, those eleven lives were half their number. To their commander, they’re a marker she has every intention of making good on, and while some of her unit’s wounds are less visible, it doesn’t mean they can’t be lethal.

My Review:

Even with the unique world building, variety of characters and a protagonist with the devil-may-care attitude, this book failed to keep me captivated for more than a few pages at a time. Hence, such a gap between the prequel and this book. It took me 3 days to finally finish the book that I could have read in 3 hours if it was a little easier to comprehend. I found the story to be a little too complex and Khyria Ilan our main character, I like her, her abilities and attitude, it felt like she was the only thing that even kept me reading. And yet I saw her as two different personalities, as Khyria, the commander, the badass mercenary everyone was trying to kill and as Ilan, a little softer side of her that she only showed to a few people. I guess I missed Jack in this book. And Taiva had little role to play. I will still be finishing the last book, but it might take m a while.
ooh, I do however loved a few quotes like,

“Modesty is like arsenic: safe only in small doses.”

About Elemental Affinity (Book#3):

The Cortii are mercenaries, for hire to anyone who can afford their services. Every government uses them; no single government can destroy them.
A newly discovered world. An opportunity for the Cortiian rebels. And a mission for Wildcat Cortia…
The Federated Planets Alliance scouts have discovered a new human civilisation; a civilisation not suited to their usual contact protocol. They want a Cortiian to test the waters, and the rebel faction has a very specific commander in mind for the mission – Ilan of Wildcat.
To Ilan, the orders are a convenient pretext. To an ancient feudal culture about to join an intergalactic civilisation, the leaping wildcat and a rider all in black are symbols long foretold – heralding cataclysmic change.

My review:

I found this book to be better than both the prequels. The story and writing was much clearer. The bond between Khyria and Anst was interesting to read about and then there’s this whole new world that the Wildcat Cortia have been sent to explore.
It was pretty intriguing to read about that new world, it’s culture and Khyria saving Cahan again and again.
He’s a real damsel 😀 But I connected with the Khyria’s character a little more because of his book. Maybe it was her bond but it made her seem more vulnerable.
Fav Quote :

“Mercenaries are a danger to the established rulers. Good Mercenaries are the more dangerous.

I talked about all the good stuff, so why did I not give it 4 or 5 stars? Because even with everything, I didn’t find this book to be completely mind-blowing. It was enjoyable but that’s it. Pretty Mediocre.


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