ARC Review: The Girl in the picture by Alexandra Monir

tumblr_n6hno2qIxr1sfxmouo1_500The Girl in the Picture by Alexandra Monir

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My Rating : 2 out of 5 stars

Genre: YA Mystery

272 pages
Expected publication: November 15th 2016 by Delacorte Press/Random House

I received a complementary copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

About this book:

Nicole Morgan has been labeled many things — the geeky music girl, the shy sidekick to Miss Popularity, and the girl with the scar. Now only one name haunts her through the halls of Oyster Bay Prep.
The Girl in the Picture.
After high school heartthrob Chace Porter is found dead in the woods near the school, the police are in search of the girl whose picture with Chace is the only clue found amongst his personal belongings. A girl who no one knew was even close to Chace–and whose dormmate, Lana Rivera, was Chace’s girlfriend.
Nicole is that girl and now she’s the primary suspect in his murder.
But what really happened that night? Were Nicole and Chace dating behind Lana’s back; were he and Lana over? Could either of them have killed him?
Told in alternating points of view, that of our suspect, Nicole Morgan, and her former best friend and roommate, Lana Rivera, readers will piece together the story of a starcrossed love, a fractured friendship–and what really happened the night Chace was killed.

My Review:
Firstly I’d like to say I haven’t read many YA Mystery novels and this one even had a touch of paranormal in it. I found this book to be more on the contemporary side than the mystery. Our Queen bee Lana and the girl in the picture Nicole, Chase Porter the son of Congressman who has been killed was living a double life. In a relationship with both these girls, and hence the whole drama. Nicole and Lana were friends until an accident that leaves her scarred.
Well the question is who killed Chace and while the twist in the end wasn’t that mind-blowing, it was well thought of.
The book starts from Chace’s POV but the rest of the book is told from Nicole and Lana’s POV. It was interesting seeing things through their eyes. But I found the love-triangle to be totally cliche. And the jealousy, cheating, boarding school drama, I’ve seen this way too many times for me to appreciate his book.


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