Song of Princes (Homeric Chronicles #1) by Janell Rhiannon

tumblr_n6hno2qIxr1sfxmouo1_500Song of Princes (Homeric Chronicles, #1)

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My Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

Genre: Fantasy, Mythology

Paperback, 462 pages
Published July 24th 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
I was provided a reader’s copy in exchange for an honest review

Sing Muse. Sing of the shining citadel of Troy rising from the hot sands of Asia. Sing of the Greek palaces ascending from their rocky hilltops. Sing of one woman’s dream heralding the madness of men and the murder of innocents. From bull dancing rings and wild meadows, the Forgotten Prince must choose between love and a golden crown. From seclusion and safety, the Golden Warrior must choose between his honor and his life. From behind the Great Wall, the Golden Prince must choose between his family and his city. And from a rugged realm on the far side of Greece, the Warrior King must choose between his son’s life and certain exile. Here shepherds and princes, warriors and kings, and seers and lovers seek to conquer their passions, outwit destiny or surrender to it.

My Review:

I loved this book! It’s a mixture of Greek myths, all in chronological order.
The births, prophecies, betrothal, alliances and betrayals leading upto a war, it is all so wonderfully woven into this tale. You see so many familiar faces (for all you fans of Greek myths), the Greek Gods (whom I found extremely cruel but that’s just the way they were) playing their games, using humans as pawns and being merciless as they always are.
Cassandra, Clymentra, King Priam, Paris, Helen, Achilles, the nymphs, oracles, pegasus, kings, there is nothing missing. The story has a steady pace, it’s captivating and I didn’t lose interest even once. There is action and the kingly romance, show of power, games of Gods. It was all so well-written that even with so many characters and stories intertwining, I never once felt confused or left behind.
The author really has a talent for story-telling as I felt so connected with the characters and found myself immersed in the story.
I’m really looking forward to the second book now.

About the Author:

Janell Rhiannon

Janell Rhiannon

Janell always had her nose in a book, reading by flashlight when it was “lights out” time. Her love of reading turned to a curiosity about writing. She now writes in all the spare moments she can squeeze out of a day. She also writes historical fiction and fantasy with romantic spice for good measure. Janell adores Mythology and Fantasy. Anything magical. And dragons. And gargoyles. She currently lives in CA.

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