Yellow by Megan Jacobson


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Genre : YA Contemporary, Mystery, paranormal

My Rating : 4 stars

259 pages
Published February 1st 2016 by Penguin Teen Australia

About this Book: 

If fourteen-year-old Kirra is having a mid-life crisis now, then it doesn’t bode well for her life expectancy. Her so-called friends bully her, whatever semblance of a mother she had has been drowned at the bottom of a gin bottle ever since her dad left them for another woman, and now a teenage ghost is speaking to her through a broken phone booth. Kirra and the ghost make a pact. She’ll prove who murdered him almost twenty years ago if he does three things for her. He makes her popular, he gets her parents back together, and he doesn’t haunt her. Things aren’t so simple however, and Kirra realises that people can be haunted in more ways than one.

My Review:

“To be born with few brains, well, that’s unfortunate. To be born with brains to spare and to waste them? That’s a sin.”

I fell in love with the cover and that is the ONLY reason I even thought about picking up this book. That it turned out to be a beautifully -written book is just a stroke of luck I suppose. This book isn’t what I’d call original, from the bullied-shy protagonist who’s actually really smart but self-conscious to ghosts, I have actually read it all before. But no amount of cliches were gonna stop me from caring about these characters, about Kirra (Yellow’s) relationship with his dad and drunk mom. And what I really liked about this book HAS to be the writing. I was highlighting quotes every ten pages (and sending them to a friend, annoying him probably) but I LOVE the feeling I get when I read an incredible line or paragraph and this book was full of them.


” I sometimes forget that whole worlds of experience happened before I even existed. People were born, they loved, they despaired, and they died-and those moments died too, eventually, even the ones that seemed to be made of underlines and exclamation marks. The only moments that live on are those tiny keyhole glances we’re shown from the words that people sometimes leave behind.”


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