Drifting Apart

Two peas in one pod,

We were like Sherlock and Watson

But I fell too hard

And now we’re drifting apart.

You walked away without turning around

Our fun memories are still fresh,

In my mind, but I think you found

A better life, better friends, a place that hears your sound

I hear your guitar strings

I hear your mad laughter

I feel your absence

It’s growing larger.

You’ve been curing me,

And I’ve been killing you off.

You’ve been saving me

And I’ve been pushing you down.

Now the thread broke,

You see I’m falling apart.

Come back, i’m screaming

But you can hear me not.

It’ll get better,

when the loneliness wears off

I’ll feel nothing again

Trapped in numb walls.


No Judgement Needed.


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