ARC Review – Xan and Ink by Zak Zyz


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Genre : Fantasy

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My Rating : 3.5 stars

Paperback, 272 pages
Expected publication: October 9th 2016 by Gutpunch Press

(I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review, and I also got a medal, cards that I’ll use as bookmarks and a handwritten author note which is pretty sweet.)

About this book:

Banished from their homeland, two disgraced brothers, a fanatical priest and an escaped slave who venture into the foreboding Kalparcimex, an uncharted jungle teeming with an incredible variety of wondrous and murderous insects. When the legendary ranger Xan refuses to help the adventurers on their quest for redemption, they enter into an ill-advised pact with Ink, a cursed sorceress who stains everything she touches. Caught in the conflict between the two powerful figures, the four banished heroes must confront their darkest desires to escape the Kalparcimex!

My Review:

This would look so great as a play or a movie but for a book, it just didn’t have that depth. All those fight scenes and monstrous creatures (that were vividly described) would look so incredible on a screen but for a book, I demand more from the story line. For example: What is with Ink and why does she stain everything she touches? I mean we understood Xan’s reasons for doing what he does but I know nothing much about his past and I feel nothing for his character. While on the other hand, we get bits and pieces about Ink’s past and absolutely nothing for why she is what she is. I found the two brothers to be incredibly stupid and yet I cared more about them than Xan or Ink. And Osolin, let’s not forget her, she was my favorite character for the most part, And when she told her story, I literally got goosebumps. The whole premise was really intriguing and I just wish some parts were explored more. In the end, it was an okay book and if it gets made into a movie, I’M DEFINITELY WATCHING IT.
P.S- This book contains some sexy scenes as well. 🙂


Hello! I’m a SF \ Fantasy writer who lives in Brooklyn and fixes things for a living. When I’m not writing, I run Strategically Correct, an awesome board game club, and host a late night call-in show on pirate radio.
I’m a regular con-goer, you might find me at Readercon, Adamcon, Sandcon, Essen Spiel, Pax, The New York Comicon, Gencon, World Fantasy Con, or Dragoncon.

Website : | Twitter : zakzyz

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