I just turned 18, yep it’s my birthday

Lol a year has gone already and finally my 18th birthday

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Firstly, I’ve got amazing friends whom I adore. Did you know what they did? They made a Flash T-shirt for me. Yep they MADE IT. Gotta love them idiots, because I had no idea that that’s what they were getting me. Oh I also got a book (They know me well) But seriously I was crazy surprised and was dancing with how happy I was to finally wear the shirt I had searched everywhere for. But I never found the right shirt and then I did.

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(My flash shirt, ain’t it perfect? Also, my lame attempt at copying the fastest man alive)


And there was chocolate cake(s) because one isn’t enough for me. And I got the most mind-blowing surprise, even bigger than the Flash shirt. So I have my buddy(my bestest friend) who’s always there at my b’day, gee he has to be (It’s in the job description) but this year he moved away to go to college and told me he couldn’t come. Of course I was disheartened, who wouldn’t be right? But he said he’d send me  a gift and to go hang out with my girl friends. I did, and we have this place we go to every year. So I enter the place and there he stands. That son of a bitch CAME! And he had me fooled for a whole week. We had just talked on the phone an hour ago and I had NO IDEA he was coming but there he was and I swear I hugged him as tightly as I could. I would pay him back for everything he put me through but I couldn’t have been happier. Seeing him today, i realised it’s not where you go or how big your party is, it’s the people who are there that matter. And we had so much fun. Probably the best birthday ever.

(That’t him, my buddy)

So there’s that and I just wanted to share this moment of happiness with you all since you’re my friends as well.

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( I’m accepting books and any fandom-related gift (actually anything), gee kidding. (Not really)

These are all my girl friends

And the cakes

Sorry no PIZZA pics, I ate it all 😀


26 thoughts on “I just turned 18, yep it’s my birthday

  1. Oh wow, Happy Birthday to you. The t-shirt is awesome and so are your friends. So cool of our best-friend to come and surprise you. We all need a best friend like that. Have a wonderful year ahead and send me some cake, I’m just here in Kenya,its not far.

    Happy Birthday!

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  2. Happy birthday! How old are you now? I must’ve missed it in the post!
    I love the shirt! Super cute.
    Someone wants book presents? I’m not surprised! Lol. I could email you an ARC, because I have saved all ones I’ve received. I don’t know where you live and I’m kinda broke, plus I don’t know your fave genre…but if you let me know, I can probably send you a free book you’d like!

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