The Farthest City by Daniel P Swenson

tumblr_n6hno2qIxr1sfxmouo1_500The Farthest City by [Swenson, Daniel P]

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My Ratings : 3.5 stars

Paperback, 486 pages
Published November 24th 2015
Genre: Dystopian, Sci-fi
(I recieved  a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion, and honest it will be.)

About this Book :

In the far future, intelligent machines resurrected the human race then disappeared. Now humanity wages a losing war against the alien Hexi. One soldier, Sergeant Sheemi Tanamal, experiencing unbearable loss, possessed by her anger, wants as much revenge as she can get before she dies in battle. An unexpected mission changes everything. Citizen Kellen Beaudin, is a shy, sensitive artist with a different, but equally troubling past. Kellen’s origin is deeply intertwined with the machines, although he doesn’t understand how or why. He learns who he really is when his machine obsession takes him on an incredible journey. Neither Kellen or Sheemi will ever be the same.

My review: 

After reading the blurb, I had one thought only. “Robots and Aliens in the same book. Count me in.”Earth has been invaded by an alien race called Hexi and human are in danger (Tell me something new. *eyeroll), but this isn’t the first time humans messed up. Humans built robots(chines) but these chines saved the human race and then disappeared and now that humans face dangers once again, they go on missions to bring back the chines.

There are Four ( a special group of individuals, Drawer, Digger, Singer and Lighter who feel compelled to perform the actions they’re named for), and Kellen is one of them( a drawer). I felt very disconnected with his character and found him quite dull. He is approached by Izmit a digger who then looks for the other two (Singer and Lighter) to complete their group and start on the mission to find he chines. And the rest 50-60 pages are all about that.

Meanwhile Sheemi is a soldier who has suffered a loss in this war against Hexi and now wants to do some damage. In the beginning, I really liked her character. She was strong, brave, hurt from the past (exactly how I like my protagonists) but as the story progressed , I kind of detached from her emotionally. She is sent on a space mission to find the chines. (Because God knows we humans can’t do anything on our own.)

This book is for he hardcore sci-fi fans. Because there are lots of details and technical stuff going on which them sci-fi fans will enjoy. Me, I lean more towards the plot and characters than the premise. And I found the pace to be slow in the beginning but it picked up speed and there were some action-packed sequences towards the end. I would have preferred more actual Hexi face-offs in the beginning to give me an idea of what they were dealing with. But well, in the end it was a good book, if not perfect.


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