Betwixt Twists and Turns: A Potpourri of Short Stories by Mona Mohanty


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My Ratings : 4 stars    

122 pages
Published: May 13, 2016

About this Book :

Dragonflies are said to be harbingers of rain, but they may be much more for one unsuspecting woman. A household dog finds a reprieve when Grandma comes to stay. A young man stops by an ATM at night and finds himself encountering robbers-and a young woman who may not be what she seems. In Betwixt Twists and Turns, author Mona Mohanty presents a series of short stories born from random thoughts that popped up out of nowhere, overheard bits of conversation, parables of family lore, and anecdotes from friends. These tales come from a variety of viewpoints-an older woman who receives an unexpected telegram, a businessman who encounters what might be a ghost, and various animals sharing their impressions of human life. These stories vividly capture the routine of existence-but with a surprising twist. This collection of short stories set in India features tales with unexpected outcomes from a wide range of perspectives, both human and animal.

My Review:

Like the name suggests, all the short stories had their twists and turns. You know what the most exciting part of a novel is? The plot twist. And with short stories it’s even better because each story has its own plot twist. You start reading and it’s all really normal, but then BAM! You don’t see it coming. 
That’s what I really enjoyed about this book, how unpredictable it was. The stories were a roller-coaster, some made me smile, others shocked me, some were scary and sent a shiver up my spine. Then there were some sad stories too. And the writing style is good, so I finished it in one sitting. These stories are meant to surprise you, and make you feel things. Humans, animals, ghosts, romance, loss, it has everything. So pick it up for some light reading 🙂


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