I am so excited for this!

After waiting so long, we finally have a trailer and somehow it makes the wait even more unbearable but at least now we know that it’s definitely coming out in 2017. Does anyone else get the horror vibe here? Because I sure do.

This is not a game!

Anyone excited to see Mrs. Hudson’s savage mode on?

This year has been absolutely amazing for us fangirls hasn’t it? All those DC & Marvel movies and trailers, getting a feel of Harry Potter back, Game of Thrones totally killing us and now this! Well I’m loving every aching moment of it.

Now let’s just wish Moriarty back to life and what’s got Molly so upset? She ain’t taking Sherlock’s shit no more.

So if you’ve seen this trailer as closely as I have and almost 10 times, you’ll see :

(a) Sherlock’s beard. I love it on Doctor Strange, not so sure as Sherlock.

(b) Hospital scene, nurses, Sherlock almost crying. So WHO DIES?

I want theories fellas, thoughts, opinions, emotions, I’m anxious right now and going out of my mind! Bring me my TARDIS, I need to go to the future!


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