Short Book Reviews :The Raven King & The Rose and the Dagger

(Just saying that I wrote this post almost a week ago.. And I’m just posting it now.)


The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater


Honest Ratings : 3.5 stars

Buy this Book : (Paperback Rs. 930), (Paperback $6.18)
I’ve been a loyal fan of The Raven boys series, so how could I not read the finale? Who cares if I fail in Accounts? (I do. 😧)
From the huge buildup that was the first three books and first half of this book, I thought the end would be EPIC! Because so many new factors had added as the story progressed. And when it finally ended, my exact thoughts were,
“No, that’s it? This isn’t real.”😣
Epic turned out to be Meh.. 😕
And down went my rating. Don’t get me wrong the book was enjoyable. And New ship! New ship! I got a new OTP. Not telling you, cause Spoilers but it has to do with Adam and you’ve probably guessed it already. So this book had new evil, new side characters, roboBee and lots of adventure. Therefore, Not a total waste of my precious time. Also, while I was reading this book, I kept thinking how similar it seems to Teen Wolf (The TV show) Any fans here? Because bunch  of teenagers, Supernatural problems, funny characters, seems quite similar to me. And Ronan and Derek could be considered similar. Maybe I’m just thinking this because I just  finished season 5. But I don’t know. What are your thoughts?

The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh


My Honest Rating : 4.5 stars

Buy this Book :, (Paperback $7.34)

Who missed our fiery princess and cursed prince? I know I did. And the way the last book ended, you bet I wasn’t gonna wait any longer to read this. And I was not disappointed. Yes the author exceeded my expectations and gave me a major book hangover. So the lovers have been separated, The curse has befallen the kingdom, time to pick a side. But between bad and worst, you can only choose the lesser evil. Oh the adventure, twists and turns, secrets and betrayal kept me up all night. You already know I love all the characters in this series/duology, whatever it is. Just added a few more names to the list. Very enjoyable, I must say. Did I mention I also read the side stories? They were just as good.

Love, Alex 🙂

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