Anime review – My first one

I don’t knew if anyone has ever reviewed an anime. It’s certainly a first for me. And that too with a dark psychological anime like Elfen Lied.

Firstly, I found the opening song quite creepy but as I kept watching, it seemed to fit in quite well with the theme of this anime.

Elfen lied has 13 episode +1 OVA. It is a dark anime that kept me watching one episode after the other. So I finished it within a day. (Okay, I was just avoiding studies,  but it’s also because Elfen Lied was really good.)
Even the first episode doesn’t hesitate to show what this anime is fully capable of. There are quite graphic scenes violence and nudity. But that stuff doesn’t bother me as much. *shrugs

It shows a drift between a powerful race (diclonius)  and humans and how devastating it could be. It has some very disturbing scenes that would make you hate humanity. Each cliffhanger at the end of the episode compelled me onto the next episode. And you just WANT to know the true story. And who is the real monster?
The storyline is certainly gripping and the animation is wonderful.
I’m not going into detail about anything because you just have to watch it to understand what it’s all about. (Now I get it why people don’t review animes. It’s so freaking hard without giving away spoilers.)

Now onto the characters:


Lucy/Nyuu is the main character and man did she have me intrigued.  A diclonius and a powerful girl who turns into a childlike girl. Her innocence is what keeps the destruction at bay. Her pain and cruelty is what makes her such a strong character. You want to know what’s in her mind.


Nana: I was not gonna say it but she’s one of the reasons I cried watching this anime. If I tell you more about her, it would spoil everything so.. *lips sealed


Kouta : He is such a cute and loveable character. Always getting pushed around and yet helping everyone. He jusg can’t see anyone in pain. Yet there are things even he is hiding inside.


Mayu: Another cute character that made me cry. I just LOVED her character so much. But No spoilers.


Yuka: Eh,  I didn’t like her that much. She was too hard on Kouta and a little clingy. So yeah better not rant out about her.

Let’s just say I enjoyed this anime a lot and I’d recommend it to people above 18 (even though I’m not 18  myself)  and for people who don’t mind some explicit nudity and violence.

Love, Alex šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Anime review – My first one

  1. sonshinegreene says:

    Yeah, it was a pretty good one. If you’re into anime, and you haven’t seen it yet, check out Record of Lodoss War. Was one of the ones I loved growing up as a kid, but it’s not a kiddie show. More geared towards teens, it was still pretty good.

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