WWW Wednesday April 6th 2016

I feel like I’m being personal in all my posts now so I have to say that I absolutely love this booking feature as it keeps me consistent. Even if I have nothing to post or am busy or haven’t posted anything the whole week, I know that I HAVE to post on Wednesdays and that’s what this is all about. Keeping me regular.😂
This wonderful meme is weekly feature hosted by Sam over at Taking on a World of Words.

The three questions are:
What are you currently reading? 
What books have you recently finished? 
What do you plan on reading next?

Currently Reading :

School of Deaths (The Scythe Wielder’s Secret, #1) by Christopher Mannino

School of Deaths is very literal to its name. There is a school where they teach people to be Deaths or grim reapers as we call them. There hasn’t been a female death in a long while since the last one betrayed their kind and led to a lot of destruction. That is until a new female death appears. It sounds cool and I’m a few pages in yet. Looks good enough.

Recently finished :

Dirty by Kylie Scott

Dirty was supposed to become my new favorite. That’s what happens when I read Kylie Scott’s books. I love them. But this was really disappointong. My full review : Link

The Importance of being earnest by Oscar Wilde

What can I say about Oscar Wilde. His writing is witty, I loved the book. The quotes were deep, yet funny. 5 stars!

Read Next :

The Curse of Damini by Debajani Mohanty. 

Another ARC I’m hoping to finish soon.

Love, Alex 🙂

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