Disappointing TV shows and TV show continuations

Since I’ve just started ‘My Ramblings’  you might be seeing a lot of these posts around. And today’s topic as you can see is Disappointing TV Shows or TV show continuations.


Let’s just say that I HATE, absolutely hate it when I’m excited to watch my favorite TV shows and the new season turns out to be a huge disappointment.

Yes, I’m talking to you The Vampire Diaries season 7.



Shouts at Doctor Who season 9.


Sneaks a glance at Supernatural season 11.


And don’t even get me started on Shadowhunters or Supergirl.

Phew, Breathe,  breathe! Think about good shows like The Flash, or Game of Thrones (I just started watching after finishing the books)
But wait, we’re talking about the horrible ones today.
Let’s just say that this season 7 of TVD has turned from cheezy to totally weird. I don’t even care about what’s happening. Heretics were supposed to be cool.
Caroline pregnant thing, Elena Dead and then non-dead thing, I don’t really like it. And the Cross-over was supposed to be epic! And more Klaroline moments but, nope.
**Spoilers over.

I mean let’s just agree that TVD was good only for the first 3 seasons but out of loyalty and curiosity we just kept watching. But if THIS stupidity continues, I’m afraid I’ll just abandon the show. And not even Ian Somerhalder’s eyes or Damon’s humor will be able to bring me back. (Sorry, Not sorry)


Now about Doctor Who season 9. I barely survived season 8 since I DONOT like Peter Capaldi as the doctor and was so sad to see Matt  Smith go. But season 9 is even worse

I don’t like Capaldi’s portrayal of the Doctor. His attitude is just  off. And I don’t like Clara either. (She betrayed the Doctor. It’s unforgivable)
And then Clara’s death. You know each companion made me cry as they left the doctor. But I didn’t even feel anything with Clara. Huh, go figure.
**** Spoilers over.

I still haven’t watched the Christmas special yet  I hear it’s really good but still, if season 10 continues like this one,  sad as I am to say, I’ll stop watching Doctor who.


Supernatural season 11 isn’t that bad but it isn’t as good as the other seasons either. I like The Darkness, adore Lucifer and always will love Dean Winchester. But it’s story I have a problem with. Come on writers, you can do better.
Shadowhunters has been a HUGE disappointment. I was so damn excited for it because I love The Mortal Instruments and let’s be honest the movie was mehhh…


And who doesn’t want a TV show based on their favorite books. It was like a dream come true. I followed all the updates, Loved it when Dominic became Jace. But now I just wish for someone else. Maybe it’s the script (that is so different from the books. They have changed so much). Maybe it’s that Clary just seems clingy, and Jace ugh… Dominic hasn’t been able to take on that Jace persona. (The whole I-don’t-care-about-anyone and I’m-in-love-with-myself attitude.) He’s acting like a knight in shining armor for Clary. Some of my favorite dialogues were cut. It’s just horrible what they have done. I still like Malec though. And Izzy. But if it doesn’t get better I’ll stop watching. Ugh And Valentine was supposed to be charming. He’s just a psycho maniac with a syringe now. Also where’s the silver hair?


And I know it’s going to sound stupid since we don’t even know if there will be a second season or if these characters will even appear in the show. But I wanted to see Will Herondale and Sebastian. Now, I’m not so sure.

Supergirl is supergirly and not what I wanted. I couldn’t even see it after episode 4.

Love, Alex 🙂


5 thoughts on “Disappointing TV shows and TV show continuations

  1. I agree with you, Alex, about Shadowhunters. I have been so freaking disappointed, but for some reason I still continue to watch it. I do like Alec and Magnus, and Izzy isn’t too bad, but Clary, Simon, Jace and many of the others just aren’t doing it for me. And I HATE that they’ve changed so much from the books, especially the storyline and dialogue. Most of the actors just don’t portray the characters as I would’ve liked. I’ll probably still watch the rest of the season, but I highly doubt it will be renewed. I really had high hopes for this show, but at least we will always have the beloved books. 🙂

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    • I had high hopes too. And yeah I’m thinking of abandoning it but I’ll still probably watch it just for Malec. I just think Dominic could have been such an awesome Jace. But the dialogues and the storyline. It’s just WHY ARE THEY RUINING IT?

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      • I know what you mean, I feel the exact same way. Dominic looks the part of Jace, or at least he’s pretty close to how imagined Jace would look, but Dominic doesn’t pull off the lines or the character the way I had hoped he would. And Katherine as Clary? Don’t get me started. She plays a whiny and frankly weak Clary, and definitely acts like a “little girl.” Clary may have been short in the book, but she was by no means weak or fragile and I loved her attitude. Katherine, as well as Alberto (Simon), just haven’t done it for me. I actually wished Robert Sheehan, who played Simon in the movie, would’ve come back for the show. I liked him much better and thought he played a perfect Simon in the film. I do like Malec though, so I’m glad they got something fairly right. Sorry I’ve gone on such a long rant, but it’s been so frustrating watching each episode week after week and wanting to strangle the writers for kind of ruining such an amazing series like they have.


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