New Addition to my blog – My Rambling (About White Collar)

Hi buddies!
I got a new idea. Um I usually get a lot of ideas but this time I think I’ve got a good one. I’m thinking of adding a new feature to my blog called My Ramblings. *claps please.


In here I’m going to share with you anything interesting I find, some new show I started watching, gorgeous book covers, interesting facts, some news to share, something bad happening. Anything and everything can be included in My Ramblings. (Tell me what you think about the idea. Because a comment will not kill you.)

And since I’ve already wasted your time, let’s start right now.
My first post would be about White collar.
My shirt has white collar, um no. It’s actually Yellow since I haven’t done my laundry yet. But no not talking about that White Collar.
It’s about that show with a really hot guy..
Look at those pictures below.
(Oh thanks Alex. I wouldn’t know to look of you hadn’t mentioned it.)
No problem bruh..



I started watching it a while ago

And White collar has turned out to be way more interesting than I expected it to be. If I’m being honest, I just started watching it because of Matt Bomer.



I mean just  look at him.


And those eyes.


It broke my heart when I got to know that he’s gay. There,  there.
But coming back to the show, he is a fantastic actor and potrays the character Neal Caffrey very well.
Neal is a con man who consults with the FBI to avoid prison.
He works along with Peter Burke, who is the FBI agent who actually caught Neal, twice.
And I just  love the bond between them. They do have trust issues but still their faith in each other remains.
Neal just does all the  work in a cool and clever way. And they solve all these almost impossible to crack cases.
I hadn’t thought that I’d like a Crime show this much but it turned out to be more fun kind of show than all other serious crime shows out there.



Another character I absolutely cannot forget about is Mozzie. Because he is my favorite (Sorry Neal)


He is Neal’s friend, partner in crime, and so damn cute. No one can hate Mozzie except the Nazis, or the govt.
Because he has all these conspiracy theories that I like hearing.


I’m watching Season 4 right now. And it is a completed series with 6 seasons. Soon I will finish it.
If fun crime shows and charming con men are your taste, you will enjoy this show. And if you already watch (have watched) it, comment below and we can talk about it!

Love, Alex πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “New Addition to my blog – My Rambling (About White Collar)

  1. Loved your post, Alex! A while ago I watched the first three seasons of White Collar, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve actually been thinking of finishing the other three seasons on Netflix. I really liked Matt Bomer and thought he was an excellent actor. I enjoyed all of the other characters as well, especially Neal, Mozzie, Peter, and Elizabeth. They all worked well together and I enjoyed their camaraderie with one another.

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