Charm and Strange by Stephanie Kuehn


Charm & Strange

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My rating : 3 stars

Published: June 11th 2013 by St. Martin’s Griffin

Charm and Strange is indeed very strange and charming read. It was easy to get lost in the mind of Andrew Winston Winters, through the wonderful writing style.

I crave the illusion of solitude.

The book shifts between Drew’s life (the past) and Win’s life(the present). And honestly, they could easily be mistaken as two different characters. Drew is an angry child who tries to make sense of things the only way a kid’s mind can. It can get pretty confusing. And same goes for Win. He’s a time bomb waiting to go off. He stays aloof, has self-depreciating tendencies, angst.

Reading this book was hard because I was second guessing everything and nothing made sense until the very end. Was it a book about mental illness, paranormals? What the hell was going on? And trust me, I thought about abandoning it after every chapter as my questions went unanswered. But it was worth it to stick till the end. And the author’s way of writing just made it easier.

Jordan and Lex are Win’s friends, if you can call it that. They just care about him, Jordan more than Lex. Lex is mostly just an asshole but that’s Win too. Ugh, this book is full of weirdass stuff. I’m still conflicted about my feeling for it so not sure how I’m fit for reviewing it. There’s another stuff about Drew’s family and cousins. I actually liked Anna. And disliked everyone else, Keith, Charlie, Siobhan, their grandmother, even his father actually.

So if you think you have the patience and can deal with not knowing anything till the very end, go ahead and read it. If not, I also finished Hello, Goodbye and everything in between by Jennifer E Niven last night and it is the exact opposite of this book. We know what’s going to happen. And yet we wait for it to actually play out. It was a fun contemporary book. So take your pick.







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