Didn’t get a second chance….

You’ve all heard the phrase “Life will give you a second chance.” Or “It’s all about second chances”

Well, not really. You see I was chatting with a stranger day before yesterday(actually night).
Okay, you must be thinking. Of course it had to go wrong. What were you thinking Alex? That’s the thing, I wasn’t thinking. I was bored and not talking to my best friend and I needed to just talk about stupid things. So I went on a website.

Simple. You talk to strangers about whatever you want. Male or female,  young or old, maybe entirely on the other side of the world. And if you don’t like the person, you leave chat immediately and they connect you to someone else. I found some pretty interesting people there. And it was good for a one time chat. Some were just horny teenagers waiting to sext. (I ignored those)
But others were pretty cool! Another thing, you don’t know anything about them. They might be lying you never know. Once I pretended to be a 23 year old girl from Germany.. Haha that was fun.

I know you are getting bored, coming to the point here.

I met someone. Ugh it’s hard to explain.. Let me just show you the conversation.
I hope if he sees this he doesn’t mind.

Stranger: Hey m (Male)
You: Hey f (Female)
Stranger: Age?
You: 17 u? 
Stranger: 16. x3
You: From? 
Stranger: Ireland, born from the Philippines.
Stranger: You?
You: India
Stranger: Ah cool. c:
Stranger: What brings you on here?
You: I was bored.. U? 
Stranger: Same to be honest. x3
You: Lol, it can be liberating. Talking to someone who doesn’t know shit about u.
Stranger: What are you doing right now? 🙂
Stranger: And definitely.
You: Lying down. 
You: And being an idiot 
You: What about u? 
Stranger: In what way? xD
You: In a way that I’m ignoring someone who is important to me.
You: What are u doing? 
Stranger: Just listening to music and on this. x3
Stranger: My name is Raphael by the way, nice to meet you~
You: What music? Did i mention I love music? 
You: Raphael nice name.., 🙂 
Stranger: Oh just some chill music. You love music? c: Do you play any musical instruments?
Stranger: And thank you! ^-^
You: I wish.. 
Stranger: Bet yours is better though~
You: I suck at learning new things
You: And Alex
Stranger: I play the violin and piano myself. c:
Stranger: Ah, nice to meet you Alex~
You: Holy shit! I think I’m falling for u lol 
You: Now don’t say u can speak French too
You: Violin and piano, awesome ❤
Stranger: Oui, j’étudier á l’école bien que. x3
You: I have no idea what that means but… Is there anything you can’t do??? 
Stranger: Mais, je ne suis pas trés bon. xD
Stranger: I dunno. c;
You: You have to suck at something! 
Stranger: Pretty much life. x3
You: Deep.
You: But will you please kindly translate what u just said before 🙂 
Stranger: I said: “Yes, I study it in school though. But, I’m not that good.” xD
You: Seems pretty fine to me
Stranger: I also know Tagalog and Irish/Gaelige and I plan on study many more languages. c:
You: So do you like to read?
You: I wish I was that smart 
Stranger: Japanese, Latin, German, Chinese, Korean, etc.
Stranger: I love to read! ^-^
You: Add Spanish to the list
You: Me too! 
Stranger: And of course, Spanish and Portuguese. cx
You: cute
Stranger: And Italian~
You: Haha stop being perfect 
Stranger: Seems like you’re the cute one here but anyway.. x3
Stranger: What kind of books do you read?
You: All genres
You: I prefer Fantasy and contemporary though 
Stranger: Ooh, aren’t you quite the bookworm. x3
You: I am
Stranger: I’m more of the classic and noir type of reader myself. c:
You: So u on fb or twitter? 
Stranger: I’m on Facebook. ^-^

And just as I thought I had found the perfect person to talk to, and before I could ask his Facebook username,  the Chat disconnected *adds a thousand curses and words you shouldn’t speak*

Ugh! It was a network problem and I lost him… I was so angry and sad at the same time. I tried finding him again,  I swear I did.. But no luck. Couldn’t find him on Facebook either.. 
And thus I lost my chance of finding a new friend.

So that’s it, you ask? Why did you tell this stupid story to us?
I don’t know. I was hoping you’d find it interesting and maybe if he sees this someday, he’ll know I’m thinking of him.

Stupid teenage girls. He might be lying you know.
I don’t care. He sounds cute.

You didn’t even hear his voice. How can he sound cute?
Shut up.

Okay bye.



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