A Fun day out and creating memories.

We all know how important college life is.  But even more important are the friends and memories we make. Yesterday, me and my friends went for a picnic and had lots if fun.
And even though my whole body hurts from exhausting myself above the limit and I caught a cold,  I still regret nothing.
It was the best time I had in the whole month. And I bet when I’m all grown up and have a busy schedule,  I’m going to look at the pictures and relish these moments.

Therefore I decided to share these happy moments with you guys!


This is my whole squad.  It’s me in the front with those sunglasses.  And the 4 gorgeous bitches are my best friends. Don’t forget the two idiots ruining this picture without even knowing it.  Those are my friends too. 😂😂


Trying to recreate some chilhood fun!


And random posing.


Because when The whole squad comes together.


There’s no stopping us.  We shine like the stars we are.



And Never will I ever forget my BFF,  my soul mate,  my sister from another mother who just loves photobombing like I do.  Intentional or not.


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