Scared.. No, Terrified!

Lovely people/ Dear readers/ Buddies
Just read this please… 🙂 Also I’m sort of thinking that this is my own Halloween special

Jump up from behind the walls,
Shout and scream in the darkness.
But you can’t scare, who has already been terrified.

Constant pain, physical and emotional,
Sometimes it’s hard to even get up.
That scary cycle of thoughts;
In and out of consciousness.
No your monsters and devils will not be enough,
Enough of hell is already inside her.
Rock bottom is where she’s safe.
No getting up. No getting hurt.

No future, no past and present has never been a gift at all.
Can’t reach her behind those iron bars,
That smoldering gaze will not do.
Broken and shattered… are different
She’s both and even more because of you.

A person, no… a human.
A girl, no…. she is more.
See the agony in her eyes
Always shouldering so much pain

Reaching out will not be enough
Unless you can catch her and hold her
Engulf her and save her
Don’t even bother trying because she never will.

Has accepted her life just as it is
No she’ll not hurt herself, never take her own life
Lifeless as she may be
Cowardice will not be her way out
Shout! Let her shout!

Why can’t she let out a scream.
You can see in her lanky frame
Her fake laughter, her messy hair
Hasn’t slept for days, yet she’s there for you

She won’t tell you but
Yes you do matter
She’s scared… no, terrified
Because she’ll never be good enough.
Nowhere to go. Doesn’t belong here.
Scatter… let her…. no weakness… no matter.

Um so….What do you think? I just wrote it randomly. I did tell you I was going to post some random stuff here, didn’t I ?
And I get it if it’s not good or perfect. But I tried…okay? It’s been a while since I wrote something.
I don’t really write poetry. And I don’t know if you can even call it that. But I’m making an effort here, so a comment wouldn’t hurt. I do need to hear(read) your thoughts. Even if it is criticism or telling me that I need to tone it down a bit. I will get it. 🙂


Alex-The Shadow girl


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