Favorite TV Shows and what I’m currently watching

Hey everyone, I guess I’m feeling quite energized today. So you’ll be getting more posts than usual. Hope you don’t mind ^_^

So I’m here with another list… kind of. So I have this weird personality where I like to watch TV shows more than I like to watch movies. And it’s just like that phase of my life where I liked to read book series more than Standalones.

A LOT OF RANDOM RANTING BEGINS NOW! Skip the green part if you want because these are just my frustrations I needed to get out.

Now here’s the thing, I live in India. And I have a cable connection at my house. Do you know what that means? It means I get only the local channels and few of the good channels that I like to watch. 

I love my country… okay? And even though I’m not completely oblivious to its faults or failures in some parts, I still love India. But one thing I don’t love about India is the Hindi TV shows. Arghhhhh! I can’t stand it. Wailing women crying everywhere, fighting, emotional traumas and I have no idea how people here can watch these shows. And when I go through channels at my TV, that’s all I can see. And it frustrates me so much because I never watch these shows and I never will.

Can they get banned? Please?

Phew… I think I’m going off the track now. What was this all about ?

Oh yeah, TV shows, my favorites…..Um so , last thing okay?

I watch all these TV shows online. Some I have been watching for years and some I just started but these are the shows that I absolutely LOVED or at least enjoyed a lot! Don’t be surprised if there aren’t a lot or if I haven’t seen many seasons of them because, I already told you. I watch them online and Huge internet bills, also I read books and watch anime and go to college(Or school before), I also blog and have a life(No I don’t) so I don’t get a lot of time to watch these shows. But I still do. 



So these shows are in no particular order. I’m just writing the names as I remember. 🙂

1. Sherlock (Add to Watchlist)

Is it just the best show ever or what? Because I love Benedict and I love Sherlock and I love Benedict as Sherlock. NEXT SEASON PLEASE! Because those few episodes will never be enough to satisfy me as obsessed as I am with Sherlock Holmes. I have watched the movies, read the books, seen this show and Elementary. I am Sherlocked!

(A tumblr poem)

2. The Vampire Diaries and The originals (Add to Watchlist)

This is one of the shows I have been watching for a long time and I have seen all the seasons. And even though TVD seems to be getting not so interesting anymore, I will not abandon Hope!(Hope is also a cute little baby in The originals ^_^) And The Originals is so interesting. I am a Damon Salvatore fan and a Klaus Mikaelson fan too. 😀 So excited for the new seasons.

3. Doctor who (Add to Watchlist)

Before I saw this show, I had heard people talking about it and seen its hype on the internet and I wasn’t really sure I’d like it since I was not a big sci-fi fan. But boy was I wrong. A time machine! You can go anywhere in the world, past or future or an entirely new planet. I LOVE THIS SHOW! And I have only seen 4 seasons. The 10th doctor is my favorite but I can’t wait for the 11th doctor. He’s in season 5!

(Another Tumblr  poem)

4. Supernatural (Add to watchlist)

Because, do I even need a reason? Dean and Sam Winchester. The hottest ghostbusters in town. They hunt all supernatural creatures that do harm. They’re friends with an angel. They hang out with the King of hell. They’re awesome.

5. Teen Wolf (Add to watchlist)

It’s exactly as the name suggests. Teen turned into werewolf. And there are some hilarious stuff, some scary stuff and amazing characters. Derek Hale BOOM! Stiles, Scott! Double BOOM!

6. Mr. Robot (Add to Watchlist)

Even though this show just came out this year, I watched all the episodes because I liked it so much! A schizophrenic Hacker vigilante. Can this get any more interesting?

7. The Flash  (Add to Watchlist)

Same as Mr. Robot, this show just came out and I watched all the episodes. I don’t like all the superhero stuff but The Flash is pretty cool. Also, Grant Gustin is cute and the whole story with super-human speed and meta-humans.  Woah!

8. The Big Bang Theory (Add to Watchlist)

How can I forget this? I’ve spent so much time watching this show. Because it is the best show ever. And I know I’ve been saying that for all of them but what to do, they are all amazing. For nerds like me this is the ultimate show.

9. Two and a half men  (Add to Watchlist)

Hilarious! So damn Hilarious.

10. How  I met your mother (Add to Watchlist)

One word. Barney!

11. Friends (Add to Watchlist)

Because it’s funny and I love everyone.


Ooh. I was gonna add the shows I’m currently watching but this has already gone on for so long.

Who cares?

So, I’m watching, Hannibal, Blindspot, Quantico, American Horror story, Orange is the new black, Gotham, White collar, How to get away with murder.

And no I  donot have a life.

Enjoy! And tell me what are your favorite shows! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Favorite TV Shows and what I’m currently watching

  1. Sheetal Pahadi says:

    Even I am frustrated with Hindi shows from the past few days- nahh weeks— umm naah months. They start off with superb promos, we think this show would be different and great, but our hopes go in vain. They start good but end up getting on the same track- the saas-bahu drama. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Miss Book Thief says:

    I love supernatural. The boys. ❤ Big bang theory and two and a half men, obviously. Duh! Friends is my all time favourite. ❤ I keep watching it even though I finished it long ago. Himym.. *sighs* I have to start watching Hannibal and orange is the new black. I looove how to get away with muder. I'm watching quantico, too!
    Hehe, sorry for the long comment. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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