Any Anime fans? Or someone who’d like to be one ^_^

Let me just say this honestly. I had no interest whatsoever in anime  3 months ago. But then one of my wonderful friends told me “Hey do you watch Naruto?”

Me: What’s that?


Me: Nah I don’t really watch anime. But I think the characters are really cute. So should I? Is it any good?

She: Trust me you”l get hooked.

And so I just jumped into it without even knowing what it was about. Trust me I do that alot!

3 months, 220 episodes of Naruto and 207 episodes of Naruto Shippuden later…

Me: I love you for sharing this show with me. You have no idea how much I love it.

She : No more than I love Kakashi.

Me: Even more. And Kakashi’s mine.. 😛

So that was that… Now let me tell you more about the show because it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

And if you have already seen it… NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

If you are watching it… Talk to me so we can fangirl together about

Kakashi Hatake or Gaara 

The coolest guy ever!

Cute but crazy!

and many more characters I love.

And now for those who have no idea whatsoever about what I just talked about.

Naruto is an anime show based on manga written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto( That’s all I’m going to say about the manga because I haven’t read it.)

“Naruto” is about a Ninja who want to be recognized and become respected in his village. He wants people to acknowledge him so he does lots of pranks…. He’s hilarious and season after season I got so inspired by his ideas and story.

What’s more special about Naruto(The show) is that  every character has his own story. And these are people you’ll fall in love with!

Just for my sake, watch at least 10 episodes. It’s 20 minutes each. So it would be like watching a long movie. But

Also, I’ll share some more pics about the show just to inspire you!

And It has the most wonderful Quotes

A hero is not the one who never falls.

He is the one, who gets up again and again,

never losing sight of his dream!

So buddies, don’t wait. Just start watching this mind-blowing show. And thank me later.

Wait! It’s not over yet. I have one more thing to share,

Most of you people have either heard about, watched and loved, thinking of watching SHERLOCK!


So until the next season comes, why don’t you watch “DEATH NOTE”

It is not exactly the same by “L” is an excellent detective like Sherlock and a brilliant tactician like Shikamaru. And this anime has only 37 episodes so it is pretty short too.

I have many more Animes on my Watchlist now that I have started enjoying them. But currently I’m watching only these two.

My list contain:

  1. One piece
  2. Bleach
  3. Sailor moon
  4. Blood+
  5. Black butler

and many more.

All suggestions are welcome! Please comment. 🙂


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