Knowing someone

Hey guys… I’m actually writing this the second time because the last time I did and guess what it hadn’t saved so now that post is just gone. 😐

So this is my first post that is going to be entirely different from anything I’ve written in the past.



This is the absolute truth. You can hear all you can about people and be totally disappointed or amazed when you get to know them. Appearances can be deceptive and so can people’s opinions. You can’t rely on someone’s perception of other to be absolutely true.

Knowing someone is more than knowing their name or face or their email, phone number etc.


It happens sometimes.. you see someone and talk to them once or twice and think that you know them. But do you really?
Do you know their hopes and dreams, their past and secrets, their vulnerabilities and their problems? Has someone shared something so deep about themselves that you feel like you DO know them?


It’s the truth that when we first meet someone, we see them (we analyse them with our eyes and even if we want or not, we make an image of them in our mind. We are already judging them), then we talk to them and hear their voice, the ideas, their way of talking and little by little we start unraveling them. It isn’t an instant thing. It takes time and patience.
If you want to know someone, you should be willing to listen, you should be there for them so they could confide in you.
And when that happens, it’s a beautiful bond.


Now I’m going to tell you this honestly. I don’t know how to make a conversation. I suck at talking to people. I don’t know what to say. I just meet someone new and either I’m oversharing about myself which makes them think that I’m a self-absorbed person or I’m asking them all sorts of stuff and come off as being extremely inquisitive.
All I can ask people is about their favourite books, movie, TV shows, Music, actors etc and then I don’t know what else to do.


Sometimes you just think you know someone when actually you have no idea who they really are. And other times you know parts of them that they have chosen to reveal.
I am not very good with people. But I do need friends.
So I make myself available to those who want to befriend me.

So That is it. Let me know what you think about this new blog idea. I might be writing posts like this and about other stuff. And do tell me in comments of what you think about this whole post. Would you like to really KNOW someone?
Please comment below and let me know your opinions.


Also, if you wanna talk email me :

Alex-The Shadow girl


6 thoughts on “Knowing someone

  1. Sripurna says:

    I love posts like this! It gives you a chance to express yourself truly, not only in a bookish or a music-related or basically a subject-oriented way.
    And this post just reminds me, how many people do we really KNOW? Scarily few, if anyone at all, huh??

    Liked by 1 person

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