Lazy Me! & A Note for my Readers

For Authors : NOT ACCEPTING ANY ARCs sorry. Just wanted to throw that out before I write the whole post.

Hey guys!

Just wanted to remind you all that I’m still alive but I’m having hell of a time managing my time. Between college and reading and me having a life, I haven’t had time for blogging.
I have read alot of books but I just didn’t feel like writing reviews on account of me being lazy.
And I know I have been tagged for lots of awards and Book Tags and I haven’t gotten around to them either. Mostly even when I’m not blogging regularly, I try to keep up with the Daily memes like Top Ten Tuesday, WWW Wednesday, Thursday Quotables etc.
Guess what?
Haven’t done that either.
Haven’t reviewed the ARCs I received which I know is very irresponsible of me. But I just am in the zone right now. I really apologize for that. But I’m just drifting away and I’m trying to figure out my life.
P.S I’m thinking of changing my blog a bit too. What if I don’t just blog about books anymore? Would you guys like that?
I could write all philosophical stuff or share my regular life with you or write about movies and shows and dreams and things. I really need you opinions. So comment below and let me know okay?


Alex-The Shadow girl

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