Top Ten Characters I want in my Life!


Hey Buddies! I’m back with Top Ten tuesday post. I didn’t do it last week because it was Top Ten series I have yet to finish. And honestly speaking I couldn’t make a list. Most of the series I usually finish in a go, some I will not finish EVER and the rest I haven’t even started yet. So it seemed pointless doing that post.
Also, sorry for not posting anything this week. Just a busy week it has been.

Anyways,  this is a meme hosted by Thebrokeandbookish. And Today’s topis is
“Freebie- Whatever you want” so I decided to do a tag of Top Ten Characters I want in my life.

10) Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Because it is really really important to have a cool guy in the group who’s also hot. And he can fix anything. And he makes so many cool things. I love Leo.


9) Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments.
He’s the one you can go to with your problems. Relationship stuff? Cool Magnus can handle it whether it be boyfriend trouble or girlfriend problems. And if someone’s bothering you, he’ll just turn them into a rat. Gotta love Magnus.
Also, Glitter.


8) Caelena Sardothian
Fire-breathing bitch queen. I want her as my BFF and no one would dare mess with me. Because she will kick their asses. And she also loves books, and dresses and she’s just witty and smart. And Perfect.


7)  Luna Lovegood
What do I say about her? She’s weird and absolutely amazing. She doesn’t care about anyone’s opinions. Having her in my life would be a constant motivator.


6) Park from Eleanor and Park

He’s  a cute Asian comic nerd. And I just have a HUGE crush on him. So..yeah maybe please come to life.



Sorry but that’s the only pic I found that had only PARK in it. All the others were with Eleanor and it’s really cute if you think about it.

5) Alaska Young
She is just a mystery and I relate to her in so many ways. And I want her book collection.


4) Adrian Ivashkov
He just has a personality that makes me want to be around him. Also, he’s royalty so the special treatment would be a bonus. He’s just charming and if we ever got into any trouble, he could talk his way out of it. We will be Partners in crime.


3) Tessa Gray

Do I even need to explain this one? Immortal.  Book lover. Warlock. Beautiful. Caring. She’s the prefect support, a friend you can count on.


2) Damon Salvatore

This one might be little hard to understand but if he’s my boyfriend, every other girl would die with Jealousy. He’s smokin hot.


That smoldering gaze. Ah….😘😍

1) William Herondale

Can I pick two boyfriends?  If not, I’ll totally dump Damon for Will. Um..
Maybe not. Since you know… he might rip my throat out. But I love Will too.


So tell me who would you want to come to life? Any personal favourites?

Alex-The Shadow girl


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