Boy Proof and Beige by Cecil Castellucci – Joint Review

Boy Proof- 

Goodreads : Link

Publishing Date: 8th August 2006

Publishing Company: Candlewick Press

My Rating: 5 STARS


Goodreads : Link

Publishing Date: March 10th 2009

Publishing Company: Candlewick Press

My Rating: 4 STARS

My Review:

I read these books simultaneously because once I read Boy Proof, I was so impressed, I had to read another one of Cecil’s novels. I decided to do a joint review because there are similarities between these two novels but they are quite opposite too.

Egg, the protagonist of Boy Proof is someone I really liked. She isn’t afraid to show her real self. She dresses herself as the kick-ass heroine of her favorite sci-fi movie. She is smart, intelligent, creative and totally rude. But inside, she keeps her feelings bottled up inside believing that she isn’t as beautiful as her mother, a boy magnet like other girls of her class. Infact, she’s boyproof. She’s not great friends with anyone because really, who could handle her personality? -_- This book shows some good character development. The story is interesting and I liked all the characters especially Max. He can sketch, he quotes latin phrases. He’s smart and wonderful. And when he meets Egg, um you probably know what happens. 😉

Beige, on the other hand, has a better story than the characters. Because really, I think the character names were Shitty.

What kind of name is The Rat? And Lake Suck? Blah! 😛

What I liked was the punk rock setting. Katy’s mom is going away for some research and she has to spend time with her drummer dad who she doesn’t really like. In a place full of rock bands and music how can a girl who doesn’t know anything about music fit it? She lacks a spine. That’s what I hated about this character. She’s going to smile and suffer, not speak up. Easily gullible, though sweet at times. And Lake, don’t even get me started. She is weird. I can’t analyze her.

This story is about how Katy finds her place somewhere she didn’t even want to be.

So I really liked these books. And I think I will be reading more by this author. 😀

Tell me what you think about them. Have you read them?  Or are you planning to?

Signing off

Alex – The Shadow Girl 🙂


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