Hey buddies…
You can’t possibly imagine how bad I feel while typing this but I just have to because I owe it to you guys, all my friends and fellow bloggers and people who read my blog. I disappeared completely for a month. Totally cut off from the blog, all social networking sites and internet altogether. Let’s just say that month was a crappy month and I’m not here to make excuses but it will actually take me time to get back into blogging as actively as before. I have a lot to apologize for.

Sorry Emma for bailing on the Vampire Month Challenge. It was as important for me as it was to you and for some reasons I just couldn’t participate even though I did read just vampire books that month and yeah I even had the posts ready. But Shit
Sorry to those friends whose birthday’s I missed. Yeah Brahmori I’m talking to you and Bhomic my best friend and a few other friends too. I feel really bad about this.
Sorry to my readers because I didn’t give any reasons and just didn’t write anything. I hope you forgive me.
I can’t promise to be better now. I can’t promise doing 2-3 posts a day to make up for it but I just need the time to get back.

And I really really need your support. 🙂 Just stick around please.

Alex- The shadow girl


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