Heya buddies! I’ve got a new tag. I saw it on https://thegirlwhoreadtoomuch.wordpress.com

And it was interesting so here’s me doing it!

For this tag  you need to put characters names into a jar and pick two at random. After that you decide if you rip them or ship them

I ship a lot of different people so this will be fun.

Let’s get started :

1. Damon Salvatore 💔 Sebastian Morgenstern 

(The Vampire diaries –  The Mortal Instruments)

Rip it! Because no way in hell. Not even in a parallel universe.

2. Dimitri Belikov 💗 Isabelle Lightwood. 

(Vampire Academy –  The Mortal Instruments)

I could see that happening. Both are sexy and badass. They would be perfect for each other. A protector of moroi and a Shadowhunter. SHIP IT! They could practice together, fight together. Behold the Awesomest couple ever.

3. William Herondale 💗 Celaena Sardothian 

(The Infernal Devices – Throne of glass series)

Can you picture it? The sexy,  sarcastic and cocky Shadowhunter with the badass, strong Assassin. Because I can. And I totally SHIP IT!

4. Christian Grey 💔 Beatrice Prior. 

(Fifty shades of grey- Divergent)

Hahaha… Nope😂😂 Just imagine, Christian tries to tie Beatrice down and she beats the shit out of him. Role reversal. The Dom becomes the Sub.

5. Magnus Bane 💔 Hermoine Granger

(The Bane Chronicles/ The Mortal Instruments- Harry Potter series)

Nah! Hermoine won’t be able to handle that glittery awesomeness of the Magnificent warlock. And Magnus won’t like when Hermoine tries to teach him how to use his wand. *pun intended* RIP IT!

6. Travis Maddox 💔 Katniss Everdeen

( Beautiful disaster –  Hunger games)

Just can’t see this happening. Naaah. So,  I’ll rip it.

7. Augustus Waters 💗 Luna Lovegood

(The Fault in our stars –  Harry Potter)

SHIP IT!  It would be really sweet. A crazy witch and a boy madly in love with her. 🙂  Cute.

8. Four 💗 Hazel

(Divergent –  The fault in our stars)

Yes, I ship it. Mainly since Shailene played both Hazel and Tris in the movies. So,  it’s not hard to picture her with Four.

9. Bella Swan 💔 Alaska Young

(Twilight –  Looking for Alaska)

The clumsy little Bella with the Messed-up Alaska? I think I’m gonna barf. Because RIP IT!

10. Jem Carstairs 💗 Finnick Odair

(The Infernal Devices –  Hunger Games)

A match Made in heaven. They are both Sweet and wonderful and make me happy. SHIP IT! Big time!

I tag everyone Okay! Because trust me it’s fun and it won’t take so long. If you’re reading this, do this. Please.

And tell me who do you ship or RIP from these! Whose your OTP?

Signing off


10 thoughts on “R.I.P IT OR SHIP IT Tag

  1. Cátia says:

    Great characters choices and answers. I think that for the ones that I know I totally agree with you.
    And OMG!!! Will and Celeana would be the most awesome thing ever. This needs to happen =)


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