Liebster Award – Once Again

To be honest, I’ve been nominated for Liebster Award time and again and as good as it feels, trying to come up with new questions and figuring out who to nominate is really hard. But Sheetal had some really nice questions to ask. And she nominated me so I can’t just not do it. Therefore, I decided to break the rules


And I will just be answering the questions!

Thank you Sheetal for nominating me. Hope you don’t mind.

  1. When was the last time you danced your life as if you have nothing to care about and you are the king or queen and were very happy?

Ans : 10 minutes ago. I’m always dancing,  while walking down stairs,  moving,  getting up, even without music. It feels good. And you’re always happy that way.

2. A thing you regret?

Ans: Um nope. I don’t have any regrets. I try to do everything I want so I never have to regret anything.

3. The last time you made someone feel special?

Ans: I feel really bad about how much I have to think about this. But it’s probably a week ago when I told someone that they’re really sweet.

4. Your favourite subject?

Ans: Like you can’t already guess? English Literature!

5. Any weird interest/unique interest?

Ans: I like to know other people’s stories. When I meet someone new, I want to know everything about them. What they want to do in life? Their thoughts, ambitions, secrets, best and worst moments on life. Everything. I want to know everything.

6. What does blogging mean for you?

Ans: Blogging, for me is when I can be myself without anyone judging me. I can say whatever I want, express all my feelings and others will understand. It’s a huge part of my life.

7. A lesson you want people to learn?

Ans: Instead of judging someone, always know that you don’t know their story. You don’t know what they’ve suffered or what has shaped them or brought them to this moment. Put yourself in someone else’s situation and you’ll stop finding faults in everyone.

8. The last time you did any stupid act?

Ans: I made a video of my mom doing weird expressions 😂😂😂

9.Which is the thing that makes you go crazy in a good way?

Ans: There are a lot of things:

1. Chocolate –  Anything with chocolate in it, on it or with it.

2. Hot guys with beautiful eyes!

3. Bookstores! Loads and loads of books.

Not necessarily in that order.

10. Favourite celebrity?

Ans: Hahahahaha where do I start?

* Ian Somerhalder

* Jamie Dornan

* Benedict Cumberbatch

* Douglas Booth

* Joshua Anthony Brand

* Dylan O’ Brian

* Daniel Sharman

* Tyler Hoechlin

* Channing Tatum

* Ryan Gosling

* Zac Efron

* Alex Pettyfer

Lol,  do you want more? Because I could go on and on all day.

😀 Thanks for reading.

Alex- The Shadow girl


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