I’ve got stuff to tell you.

Heya buddies! How are ya?

Ever  since I did that first  “Adventures of Alex” post, I’ve been meaning to tell you more about this trip. So first thing is-

*I’ll write the second part of Adventures of Alex today! And trust me it will be fun.


Then, there’s another exciting news:

* I got an ARC of Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking. Yipeeeeee! See, I loved Frostfire but the second book, not so much (Review). But I still needed to find out what happens next. So when I saw the book on Netgalley, I requested it immediately. Guess what I got approved!

Now isn’t this nice? Huh? 😀

* Now for some not so good news, I’m going travelling again. And again, I will be disconnected from the Internet for at least a week. Sorry guys. But you can bet you ass, I’ll come back with more excitement.

P. S- I’m going to meet my Grandma.

So,  tell me what ya think. 🙂

Signing off



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