Adventures of Alex – Things to do before I die list.

Like any other person, I’ve got a list of things to do before I die. Some are simple like:

* Read 1000 books

* Get a tattoo 

* And a piercing 

But others, not so much. 

* Bunjee-jumping

* Paragliding 

* Going to Europe and Spain and Greece. 

Well, I at least crossed two of these off my list. Can you guess which ones?

Let me show you:


Yep, Paragliding is the first one. I jumped off a cliff and  then flew in the air, 2000 ft above the ground. And it was so much fun. Not one second of fear. Just pure happiness. Flying is so much funnnnnn! 😀😍

I tell you guys, if you ever get a chance, just do it. Don’t even think twice. 

So,  the next thing to go off my list…



Don’t mind the bad photography. Because it was thrilling. One thing that made my heart hammer in my chest.

And you might have heard that quote

“Anything that makes your heart racing is worth doing.”

Well, this was it. And I was thrown up in the air. I did two flips and then came back like some gymnast, only with a harness. ( No one else did the flips, I saw other people go straight and come back. I’m special. 😂😂) 

I did this twice. Just couldn’t get enough of it. 


P. S- These are all screenshots from the video made. I wanted to post the video but WordPress doesn’t let me.



Next thing I did:

River- Crossing

Again: Don’t mind the bad photography.



I made a Friend. 


Actually,  more than one. 


He’s Lander and he’s from Spain. 🙂  It was really great talking to him. He travels a lot (on his bicycle). He’s been to France and Africa and Nepal and now he’s in India. I envy you buddy.

Check out his blog :

So,  these are a few things I did in Manali. What I didn’t do there was read or blog about anything. Sorry about that.

Don’t worry. That’s not it yet. I’ve got more stuff for you.

Coming sooon…. Till then.

Signing off


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