Adventures of Alex – Roadtrip

You all may know that I live in India. And India is a beautiful country for those who appreciate its beauty. I don’t travel a lot and not because I don’t want to but because I don’t get a lot of opportunities. But a girl can dream and I dream of going to a lot of places.

Manali wasn’t one of them. But when the chance came, I grabbed it. My mom and me, my uncle and his family, we all decided to go to Himachal Pradesh for a few days just to enjoy the weather and the scenic beauty. So we packed our bags and left in the middle of the night, the reason being that we wanted to reach there before night fell as the roads are very hard to travel at night. The curvy bends of the road and traffic, we wanted to avoid that.

But… No matter how hard we tried, we were stuck. The 14 hour beautiful journey from Jammu to Manali turned into a boring and tiring 16 hour journey without breaks. We traveled and traveled and my uncle got so tired and frustrated of driving. The traffic was unbearable and now my phone battery was dying so bye bye to my music. (I plug in my headphones while travelling because (a)  The  music playing in the system is not of my taste, (b)  The sound gets distorted when the car is travelling with speed because of the air (c)  My family objects to playing loud music and that’s the kind I like to hear.)

Therefore, I was becoming more and more convinced that this trip would be a total waste. And when we finally reached there, you wouldn’t believe the crowd. There wasn’t enough space to even stand there. Luckily,  a friend had helped us out and booked a hotel room for us. It wasn’t that good but we were tired and it was close to the main market so we took it.

And this is day 1 of Manali trip. Trust me that’s not all. It does get better.


Stick around for more…

(I know this isn’t like the usual stuff that I post but I’m trying to develop my blog. It won’t just be a book blog amymore. I will share all kinds of stuff with you. And I hope you like that. If you don’t just tell me in the comments below.)

Signing off


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