Burn for Burn by Jenny Han

Goodreads : Link

Publishing company: Simon & Schuster 

Publishing date: September 18, 2012


My rating: 3.5 stars. 


I feel really confused about such books. Whether to recommend them or not. You see, they are good but not very good. A few flaws that make them less than perfect but you also like them

Ugh! It’s confusing. 

I am glad I read Burn for Burn and I would not unread it. Never. But I just wished it would  be better. So, here I am, analysing this book and breaking it up for you. 




Yes, it could be better but it wasn’t entirely terrible. Three high-school girls who have been wronged bu their own friends choose to take revenge. Cool right?

Well I thought so too. Until they actually started the plan. From there, it went a little down. The plans were far from perfect and some were total disaster. But I liked few of them.

I liked the story each character had behind them. That was my favorite part. And it was very well thought and written. Full appreciation for that.



Nicely written.

Every character was different and unique in its own way.

My favorite: Kat. Her biker look and I don’t care attitude just won me over.

The one I had problem understanding: Lillia Cho. I don’t know. One minute I thought I knew all about her and then it’s like I don’t know her at all.

The one I HATED : Rennie. She is a two-faced, manipulative,  selfish, self-centered bitch. And that’s all there is to her. I didn’t like her one bit.

Mary, was different. She’s sweet and nice but always be careful of the innocent ones.

Alex, I just don’t know what his angle is. Who does he actually like? What the hell is he been doing?

Reeve. Well let’s just say I have no idea what goes on in that dirty mind of his.


Writing style:

It’s really good.

Throughout the book I was trying to figure out and predict things and find connections, reasons but I still couldn’t figure anything out.

It’s like the book is divided into a good side and bad side with no way of knowing how those two connect. Every character has two different personalities.

The book was over and I was still left with a lot of questions which makes me want to read the next book. But I don’t want this story to be dragged longer and longer. It would just loose it’s edge.

I just want to say I don’t really know how I feel about this yet. I will have to read the whole trilogy to figure out my actual feelings. And then maybe I’ll tell you whether I recommend reading this or not.


Tell me, have any of you read this? What do you think about it? 

Do you want to read this? 

Please comment. 


Signing off





11 thoughts on “Burn for Burn by Jenny Han

  1. bambiquim says:

    How did you feel about the revenge schemes – were they lame? A lot of times, in YA, I’m all for the broad, overarching idea, but the execution falls flat. Like, these girls say: “X is a b*tch, and we’re going to get back at her, for once,” & I’m like “YES. Do it! X IS a b*tch.” And then they’re like, “What if we, like, eat her homework? Wouldn’t that be hilarious?” And I’m like, “No.” Then they carry out their stupid plan, make a big deal out of the fact that they end up at the hospital for eating too much paper, and I’m like, “I need to stop reading shit like this, it’s giving me wrinkles, furrowing my brow at their stupidity.” So… were their plans really lame? B/c I’ve been contemplating reading this, but wasn’t sure.

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  2. Beatrice says:

    I actually liked this book, there were some parts though that I’d rather skip. Lillia’s POV are my fav to read. But I totally recommend Fire with Fire, that’s my most favorite book of the trilogy. The epilogue though in Ashes To Ashes was something I’d rather tear off the book like it was never there. The ending was just ARRRRGH.


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