Unknown sender by Ryan Lanz

Unknown Sender


A fellow blogger Ryan from bookreviewdirectory.wordpress.com wrote this. And it was really short so it didn’t take much time to read either.

Here’s the summary :

“Jessica’s world revolves around studying at college and affording prepackaged meals, which leaves little time for socializing. In fact, she is quite content without being noticed, which only makes the attention of a mystery texter all the more unwanted.


She isn’t unfamiliar with strange advances, but this is something entirely different. This person knows things about her. Things beyond just an average stalker.


Even after all that, Jessica would be much more content to forget than discover who is chasing her, electronically or otherwise. Eventually, she finds out that she can’t outrun her past.”

My review:

Now, I found Jessica to be a relatable character. She is just living a dull boring life, with all the tensions and stress. But a text from an unknown number shakes her up. This stalker knows things about her and that was creepy and a little scary. Her doubting the people close to her seemed justified. But the end,  ah the end… It just came too soon and was shocking.

I wanted to read more of this story, a lot more. It was fast-paced and there aren’t many elements of surprise in it (except of course  the end) but it still was a good read.

Turns out, I do like reading short stories after all.


Rating: 4 stars.

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