An Ember in the ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Tahir, Sabaa-An Ember in the Ashes.epub_2 (Click on the cover for Goodreads page)

 An Ember in the ashes,  such a fine book. Laia is a scholar living under the rule of a Martial empire where being scholar is the worst crime. When her brother is arrested for treason, she knows that she has to get him out. For that, she goes as a slave to Blackliff where the Masks (Masked soldiers) are trained.

She is in the middle of the very world she hates. Elias is the finest soldier. But in heart, he doesn’t want to be. When their paths cross, will they realize that their fates are intertwined? This book is written in dual point of views. I personally liked Laia’s chapters because it was interesting being in her head.

Let me just use all the adjectives because no words would be enough praise for this.. I can’t exactly explain it. I don’t know what to say. Just that it was infuriating and I felt this rage in me I’ve never felt before. But I still love this book so soo soooooooo much.😍😍 There were moments when you  just wanted to jump into the book and strangle someone  but then you didn’t because they were too scary. There was torture and brutal cruelty.

It was perfectly detailed and I felt like I was living inside the book. And sometimes that hurt. 😫 And then there were just  instances in the book where I  felt like I couldn’t breathe. The characters were vivid and relatable. The storyline was absolutely amazing. It was weaven in such an intricate way, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I finished this book in one-sitting and trust me that’s saying a lot since it’s a big book. But  I have to give it to you Sabaa Tahir, you captured my interest from the first chapter and didn’t let it go till the very end. 😎 And even now that I’ve finished it, I want the sequel. I want it so badly! GIVE IT TO ME NOW! 😬 5 Perfect stars!

Book trailer below:

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