Playlist for the dead by Michelle Falkoff

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When this book started, I had a feeling that it would be boring. It was just like all the other books I’ve read. Friend dies or kills himself, leaves something behind so someone could understand. Blah blah…

In this book,  Hayden committed suicide and left a playlist behind for his best friend Sam with a note that ‘Listen,  you’ll understand’

See,  totally cliché. I’ve read All the Bright places, TFIOS,  Thirteen reasons why,  The last time we say goodbye and even though I loved most of these books, it does get a little common. Every book has death, friendship, self-discovery and stuff.

I know it’s a really common topic to write about but it does get a little boring after time. What I liked about this book was, the geeky- crazy stuff. I loved the playlist. All the songs were really good. I could understand Sam and how he was feeling.

But then there wasn’t much to understand. This book didn’t have much of a story, some characters were good, some not so much. The writing wasn’t very beautiful or touching either.

So it was an okay kind of book. I don’t think I’ll re-read it or even recommend it to someone unless someone is just looking for a book with music recommendations. Because that’s the only thing I liked about this.

This book does teach you how little misunderstandings, or faults of a few people destroy the life of someone. But that’s something we already know.

2 stars. ( And only for the music)

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