Deadly Lies by Chris Patchell

Publishing company: Createspace

Publishing date: March 24th 2014


As a teenager, Jill Shannon fell victim to her stepfather’s cruel abuse. Now, as an adult, Jill’s made it-she has a successful career and a solid, if not static, marriage to Detective Alex Shannon. Together they live out what seems to be a perfect life in Seattle.

The vow she made as a teenager to never again be a victim lies dormant-until one day a reporter lures her to his hotel room under the pretense of an interview-and suddenly it all comes rushing back.

Jill seeks revenge on the reporter, triggering a series of events that leads Jill down a wormhole of retribution, forcing her to spin an ever-widening web of lies.

Meanwhile, Alex is on the case of a series of murders that began as cyber relationships. There seems to be a familiar fingerprint on these crimes, but Alex refuses to believe that the murderer could be so close to him.

My review:

I found Jill’s character to be very complex. The book starts with a glimpse into her past. She had a tough childhood. Her stepfather’s cruelty shaped her into something she wasn’t. She has decided she would never be a victim again.

Years later now, she has a good job, a husband and a great life. But  nah.. It’s not that simple.

Short spoiler!

She is sleeping with her boss. Having an affair with her boss. Now what is wrong with her? She is deliberately ruining her life.

But you know as long as nobody knows and it’s going good for her, it’s all okay.

Well hell no! A series of events show us her real face and it all turns out to be one hell of a something.

Now Alex is another character. Jill’s hard working husband who’s first wife is work. Well that comes with being a cop. But when he goes off to help an ex-girlfriend, Jill really hates it.

There are murders, kidnapping, lies and more lies.

It’s exciting to see how it all turns out. I did find some of the actions plain stupid but… They were essential to the story, so Okay.

I liked this book.

(I got a copy of this book from the author for an honest review and I did review it HONESTLY)


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