Your Life In Books Tag

I picked it up from My twin/soul sister Sripurna.

1) Find a book for each of your initials

Okay so first I’ve got two names… My real one and pseudonym. So I’m choosing both. A. S &  P. S

Tahir, Sabaa-An Ember in the Ashes.epub_2

satan loves u.epub_2

An Ember in the ashes: A book I’m eager to read. Haven’t heard a single bad review about  it. 

Satan Loves you: It’s so funny I woke my parents up at 2am while laughing. They thought I had gone mad. 

1. Kresley Cole - Poison Princess.epub_2

Poison Princess: Again heard a lot of good things about it but haven’t read it yet.

So that’s it because I’m not doing another S. I’m too lazy for that. Next question… :

2) Count your age along your book shelf- which book is it?

The 16th book on my shelf. And again *drumroll please* haven’t read it yet. Damn! I have a lot of catching up to do.

Myers, E. C.-The Silence of Six.epub_2

4) Pick a book that represents a destination you would love to travel to.

One word… FRANCE!

grace mercy.epub_2

5) Pick a book that’s your favourite colour


All the Rage - Summers, Courtney.mobi_2

6) Which book do you have the fondest memories of?

You know sometimes when you are reading a book and it gets so overwhelming and so you close  it for a second, hold it to your chest and just breathe. That is my favourite part of reading a mind blowing book. And  this book….. Aah! The feels.


7.Which book did you have the most difficulty reading? 

unnamed (3)

This book and some classics.. They just take way too long.

8) Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest sense of accomplishment when you finish it?

Bray, Libba-The Diviners.epub_2

This book. Because I’ve been putting it away for sooooo long. I need to read this.

So that’s the end of this tag. Thanks for reading.



Summer Xingsings



Please do this tag.. It’s short and amazing. 😀

Signing off



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