My thoughts May

So, I got my 12th class result and just to say, it was not satisfactory and really not what I (or my parents expected)  and certainly less than what my brother got. And that came off as a surprise since yeah he’s never studying and  still got better marks than me.

See, the thing is I’m fine with what I got. I’m even Happy. But well only if everyone stops comparing me to him(including himself). My parents are supportive but I can see the disappointment in them. The relatives are just too much for me to handle constantly taunting me that I was better at studying than my brother. Why couldn’t I get better marks?

Well first of all,  I never said I was better than him. You just assumed that just like you assumed I was going to get better grades. You see grades ARE NOT everything. There are a plenty of things I’m good at,  that he’s not. So give me a break. Let me be happy.

I’m going to quote the famous vampire here (because I just couldn’t resist it)

“I don’t want to live upto any body’s expectations. ”

– Damon Salvatore


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