Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone 

  By Morgan Matson 

Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson.epub_2

This is the first book, I’ve read by this author. And since it had great reviews and everyone loves Morgan Matson,  I decided to finally read it.

Two words for this book.

Not enough.

There wasn’t enough romance, self-discovery,  awesomeness,  story or mind-blowing writing.

I liked this book but that’s it. I didn’t love it or adored it. I even found the characters weird.

So Sloane just disappeared with nothing behind but a list for her best friend Emily. You know a person’s first thought when her best-friend disappears is to call the police. But Emily didn’t even think of that. Okay,  so later she gets a list of things to do like Apple-picking,  sleeping under the stars, dancing till dawn (beautiful right?) It gets better. Skinny-dipping, kissing a stranger, stealing, breaking something. Crazy right? What’s worse? She actually does all this. Um… A girl you thought was your best friend leaves without telling you anything,  is not picking up her phone,  leaves a bizarre list of things to do and you actually do it. Great! Just great. (Note the sarcasm)

Okay so I can’t even start to explain the storyline. So let’s move forward..  Next thing is the characters.

I’ve already explained what a maniac Sloane is. But Emily, she is someone I couldn’t completely understand. Her character developed through the book. As she was all timid, shy and introvert in the start,  she became more fun,  brave and open towards the end. But sometimes she is just plain weird.

My favorite characters in this book would still be Collins and Gideon(I wanted more of him,  but didn’t get it). Even the parents were interesting.

Frank’s parents – messed up.

Emily’s parents- over – enthusiastic and passionate about their work.

Sloane’s parents- I better not say anything about them.

But then I look at this book and think,  it’s not rational. It’s not supposed to be. It’s emotional and I wasn’t bored reading this. And if I could go back in time, I would still read this,  no doubt about that. But I don’t think I’ll be re-reading this now. Or recommending it to a lot of people unless they are Morgan’s fans or this book is kinda of their taste.

3 stars.


(I think it’s my most used rating. I’ve rated a lots of books three stars. It’s getting so common I think I won’t even have to write it anymore. If I write nothing,  it’s three stars.)


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