WordPress lies


I see this image in my notifications  and it tells me that I’ve got 100 followers on my blog. At first,  I’m like so excited and  dancing and beaming with happiness. It might not be much to you but it’s kind of a big deal for me.

But then I think… Wait a minute! How can I get 100 followers in like 1 hour because 1 hour ago, there were only 47. So I go to my site and check out the stats and guess what?


WordPress lied to me. How can you do this? Give me a moment of happiness amd then snatch it away. Because the truth is I’ve still got 49 followers. Not 100.

So stop lying to me wordpress.

I’m kinda sad now.

Anyway,  love you all who did the Sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award. Your answers are interesting and I found so much about you. It’s great.

Signing off



6 thoughts on “WordPress lies

  1. The really weird thing for me is that WordPress never reminds me when I reach a milestone in terms of follower count. It could be because I’ve turned off the email notifications for that setting. But let’s just admit WordPress if funky sometimes. 😛


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